Does Baby Stellar look like mom Chynna Ortaleza or dad Kean Cipriano?

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Chynna Ortaleza initially told (Philippine Entertainment Portal) that she and husband Kean Cipriano both agreed not to post Stellar's photos on Instagram so that the baby can develop her own identity.

Chynna Ortaleza and hubby Kean Cipriano chose to savor their family life away from the public eye.

For about eight months, both of them agreed not to post any photos of Baby Stellar on their social media accounts.

When asked why, the Kapuso actress said they want their "baby to develop her own identity."

Last year, on Christmas Day, the Ciprianos posted their first family picture, giving the netizens a glimpse of their baby.

Also in the photo were Kean's mother Chona and his two brothers.

Look, Baby Stellar was all smiles.

On New Year's Day, the celebrity mom greeted her followers with another family photo.

She wrote, "Happy New Year from our little happy galaxy!"

In another post, the 34-year-old mother reminded her baby girl that "There is Magic EVERYWHERE."

The mother-and-daughter tandem seems to love "admiring murals" together.

Likewise, the Callalily front man posted this adorable picture of his baby with the lyrics of "Stellar" by Incubus.


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Now that we've seen more pictures of Stellar, we couldn't help but ask, does she look like mom Chynna or dad Kean? (Philippine Entertainment Portal) went through the Instagram accounts of her parents, and looked for their baby photos.

Here's Chynna "weird at age 1."

The Kapuso TV host and actress with her siblings, "Kuya Honky and Kuya Bu."

She quipped, "Bata pa lang ako, lagi akong may 'balak' Bwahahaha!"

More of her family photos that brought back "the best memories."

Meanwhile, here's Kean and his fellow band member and business partner Tatsi Jamnague during their "high school days."

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What do you think, PEPsters?

Does Baby Stellar look like her mom or her dad?


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