Drew Arellano recalls those few moments he failed wife Iya Arellano

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Drew Arellano on family: "It's so natural to prioritize them."

Priorities didn’t change drastically for Drew Arellano when he became a father.

Even when he was single, family has been his top priority.

Drew told PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal) at the Go Bear PH event on February 20, "Family naman kasi has always been number one for me, e.

"Kahit wala pa iyong immediate family ko ngayon, dinala ko lang talaga iyong culture or yung mindset na ‘yon when I married my wife.

"Then having Primo as a kid, parang, it’s so natural to prioritize them kasi, e."

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One thing he had to prepare for though was becoming a dad.

During their first month with Primo, he and wife Iya Villania were mostly clueless on what to do.

“Nakakatawa nga kasi, first two weeks, hindi pa namin alam kung anong gagawin namin.

"Wala pa kaming yaya. Nagkaroon lang kaming yaya, I think, after four months or three months?”


And though she raves about his being a good husband and dad, Drew related one story he failed her.

He recalled, “Alam mo nakakatuwa, after two weeks, gising ako! E, usually we sleep early, we wake up early.

“We wake up five o’clock in the morning and then whatever.

“Gising ako five o’clock, sabi ko, ‘Oh, whoa. Straight sleep ‘yon.’

"Sabi ko, ‘Honey, wow, Primo had a great sleep.’

“Sabi niya, with eye bags, ‘No, you had a good sleep. You!’

“Sabi ko, next time alam ko na to keep my mouth shut kapag masarap ang tulog ko.”

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Drew was all praises for his wife whom he considers as the more hands-on parent between them.

“Asawa, mas hands-on kasi siya nagpapadede.

“There’s nothing like touch, caress, there’s nothing like it.”

For Drew, it was through these tender moments that Primo grew a natural connection to Iya.


Of course, the first-time dad wanted the same kind of bond, too.

“Nakikita ko na ngayon, e. Yung tipong kapag titingin iyong nanay do’n sa anak namin, automatically ngingiti na si Primo, e.

“Ako parang may konting effort pa para ngumiti.

“Sabi ko, ‘Teka lang, medyo may nararamdaman na ako, e.’”

But even if Drew presently has the job of a lifetime as a “professional traveler,” he would much rather stay at home and play with his son Primo.

Drew and Iya welcomed their firstborn on August 30, 2016.





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