Pia Magalona's important advice to her children: "Remove toxic people from your life."


What the late Francis Magalona taught his children, Pia Magalona said: "Do not just give up, and being creative is a necessity. Because you shouldn't just be going with the flow. You create your mold."

One thing that Pia Magalona had to learn as a parent was how to let go of her children.

As soon as they turn 18, “they’re on their own,” she said, referring to Una, Nicolo, Maxene, Frank, Saab, Elmo, Arkin, and Clara.

“That’s because you raise them to become independent and responsible.

"But you know, I still have to be wary about their friends.”

Some parents tend to let the barkada take over the life of their kids.

In Pia’s case, “No. You have to know the people they are hanging out with, even if it would mean being their barkada, too.”

How would she describe a good friend?

“I teach my children…you must learn something from them and they must learn something from you.

“Of course, you don’t like parents telling their kids to avoid your children because they are a bad influence.

“But for me, I can tell what you are doing with these people, if you're doing drugs or something.

“Even in hobbies, we have to have the same likes that's why we hang out.”

Another important advice: “Remove toxic people from your life.”

She continued, “People who bring you down or don't do any good for you…I mean why would you want that…stress, right?”

And as a friend, backbiting is a no-no for Pia. Even if what you’re about to tell a friend will hurt her, tell her.

“Nakakahiya pero mas nakakahiya yung hindi mo sabihin sa tao yung gusto mong ipahiwatig and then you are going to say behind their back.

“Kung talagang mahal mo yung tao o kaibigan mo yung tao, it would be best if you will say it straight.”



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