How Janice de Belen trains children to make responsible decisions: 'Allow them to do what they want'

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Janice de Belen's upcoming project is My Korean Jagiya, where she will be playing "tita" of Heart Evangelista's character. She says, "Kasama ko si Heart. At saka we're working with a Korean actor but I can't tell kung sino pa. Masaya siya." Also in photo: her dog Adam.


Now that four out of her five children had finished their studies, it can be said that Janice de Belen is an accomplished mom.

"Masaya siyempre," she said on July 23, during the Bon ApPETit event of The Philippine Animal Welfare Society or PAWS. 

"I mean it’s not my accomplishment. It’s their accomplishment. Kasi kahit naman ipilit ko sa kanila na magtapos, kung hindi sila makakatapos, wala akong magagawa."

When they were younger, she was quite a strict mom, imposing a 1 a.m. curfew on her daughters.

But Janice made some changes in her parenting style, and taught them to make responsible choices in life. 

"Ako, most important is to allow your children to do what they study the course that they want.

"Hindi mo puwedeng pangunahan kasi hindi naman ikaw yung nag-aaral e kundi sila.

"Plus if you keep on forcing the course you want on your children, hindi sila mag-e-enjoy. Kailangan yung gusto nila."

Her youngest daughter Kaila earned her bachelor's degree in Arts Management last month, what's her plan after graduation?

Again, Janice will just let her choose whatever career that she wants to pursue.

"Hindi ako masyado nakikialam sa mga plano nila.

"They have plans of their own, e."

In the case of Kaila, "...she’s also working din naman so hindi ako masyadong worried."

BEING A LOLA. Her eldest Luigi already has three kids, making the actress/host a grandma.

"Oo naman. Ayan o kasama ko," she threw in.

How is she as a lola?

"Okay naman. Wala namang nagbabago except that there are new kids. I have them every weekends."

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Aside from her apo, Janice has her hands full with her 11 dogs.

"Oh we have 11.,11 dogs. Di ko na nabibilang. Madami, e. I'm a dog lover, para ko na silang mga anak."


How does she take care of them?

"I have helper naman. I have helper to take care of all our dogs. Ito kasing si Adam, sa kuwarto ko ito natutulog, e."

Adam is a Saint Bernard dog.





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