Saab Magalona's do's and don'ts during twin pregnancy

IMAGE Nikko Tuazon

Saab Magalona at her baby shower held last Saturday, January 13, at One Rockwell in Makati City.

Getting pregnant with one child is already a big challenge especially for first-time moms.

Multiple pregnancy is automatically considered high-risk, and moms who are expecting two or more babies are highly-susceptible to pregnancy complications.

That is why soon-to-be mom Saab Magalona does everything to make sure her twins are born healthy.

Now on her third trimester, Saab admitted that she had a few pregnancy woes especially when she first found out that she was pregnant.

One of these worries was the possibility of getting the vanishing twin syndrome.

She said, "Actually at the start, the reason why I didn't announce it kaagad kasi sabi sa amin, there's such a thing as 'vanishing twin syndrome.'

"Parang it happens in a lot of twin [pregnancies] na dalawa muna sila and then mawawala yung isa.

"That's why we waited until we were sure."

According to American Pregnancy Association, when a vanishing twin syndrome occurs, "the fetal tissue is absorbed by the other twin, multiple, placenta or the mother. This gives the appearance of a 'vanishing twin.'" (Philippine Entertainment Portal) caught up with Saab after her baby shower organized by Aprica last Saturday, January 20, at One Rockwell in Makati City.

EVERYTHING TIMES TWO. Carrying two or possibly more kids in your womb definitely doubles up the experience.

Saab also noted of the possibility of having pre-term labor, gestational diabetes, and many others.

The singer-actress is just thankful that she didn't experience any complications in her pregnancy so far.

She said, "From what I found out from my doctor and research, carrying multiples is supposed to make everything harder.


"Like morning sickness and everything else times two, pati yung bigat.

"Luckily, I think I have it easy kasi yung morning sickness ko parang totally almost non-existent.

"I feel like I've been having a fairly easy pregnancy.

"Ngayon lang sa third trimester, mabigat na and mahirap matulog, masakit ang likod pero minimal lang naman yun.

"Medyo ingat lang ako ngayong third trimester kasi nga prone kaming twin-moms to have pre-term labor.

"I need to keep them inside me for as long as I can so they would develop more."

Another thing she has to keep in mind is to eat healthy.

She said, "You just add a few more calories and because I'm carrying twins, more calories pa lalo pero not like for a full grown human being.

"So when I saw I'm eating for three, it's me, a grown woman, and two babies.

"And most of it naman is through the blood so vitamins talaga ang importante, pero I make sure to up my calorie intake para they're healthy."

THE DONTS. Saab's doctor said she should avoid a lot of foodwhich includes anything raw and sugarfor the whole duration of her pregnancy.

She noted, "My doctor is very lenient, parang usually maraming pinapagbawal. He always just says just stay away from these types of food.

"Raw usually is [bawal], and he told me na mag-ingat ako sa sugar pero nag-test ako and thank you Lord, wala akong diabetes."

One thing she had always craved for during the first trimester was pomelo.


Saab recalled, "Hindi ko nga alam, e, pero parang nung simula sobra akong naghahanap ng pomelo.

"Pero hindi naman to the point na, 'Oh my god, kailangan ko ng pomelo.' Parang gusto ko lang siya.

"And ngayong third trimester, madali akong mainggit like kunyare makita ko sa social media na kinakain ng friend ko, 'Ay, parang gusto ko rin niyan.'

"Pero hindi naman to the point na kailangan si Jim would drive and get the food, parang ako lang I wish I had it.

"'Tapos maybe, kung lalabas si Jim magpapabili ako pero hindi pa umaabot sa point na uutusan ko siya."

Her doctor also advised her to refrain from doing strenuous activities including workouts.

Saab explained, "The doctor advised me not to work out for the entire pregnancy.

"Parang sabi niya, 'Okay lang, sulitin mo na 'to, ngayon ka lang sasabihan na 'wag ka mag-work out so don't risk it anymore.'"

She added, "I think it's kind of a blessing rin na I'm not allowed to work out na kasi I never thought I would miss going to the gym pero I do.

"So I'm looking forward to working out again."

DADDY JIM. Ultimately, Saab is just thankful to have a husband who supports her in anyway possible, and is actively involved in her pregnancy.

Saab narrated, "He's super duper supportive talaga and that's why I say… kaya hindi rin naman ako… kasi usually pag pregnant ka, sinasabi nagiging sira-ulo ka.

"So sabi naman niya, sobrang maayos pa ako. Sabi niya hindi daw ako masama, so far hindi pa naman daw ako nang-aaway.


"Sabi ko naman, kaya hindi ako nang-aaway is 'cause he's such a good husband talaga, he's such a great partner.

"He's very involved, he reads all of his baby books and stuff that are specifically for dads.

"He's very excited and I feel very, very lucky na I found a partner who takes this seriously as anyone should take it."





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