Why Regine Velasquez doesn't sing at home

IMAGE @reginevalcasid on Instagram

Regine Velasquez with her six-year-old son Nate Alcasid

When your mom is Regine Velasquez, the hele portion each night she puts you to sleep must be an epic private performance.

But believe it or not, the Asia’s Songbird actually stopped singing when she got pregnant with her son Nate in 2011.

In an interview with PEP.ph (Philippine Portal Portal) and the entertainment press during the Manila leg of The Clash audition, she related, “…ako nung nabuntis ako kasi, I didn’t sing for a while.

“Ang tagal kong hindi kumanta…

“After I gave birth, miss na miss ko yung kumanta.”

But she meant “sing professionally.”

In a one on one interview with this writer, she elaborated, “Yung pag-hele, siyempre hindi naman performance level yun na birit.

“Iba, e. Iba talaga yung mag-perform ka sa stage.

“Kaya like what I said kanina, nung pagbalik ko sa TV, that’s all I wanted to do. I just wanna sing.”

Laughing, she added during the first round of interview, “Kaya nga lahat pinapatos ko na, e. Alam mo yun. Malapit na nga akong mag-beer garden, e. Yung ganung level na ako, e.”

Another interesting trivia about the Kapuso star: “Dati, hindi ako kumakanta sa bahay.”

Her reason was rather funny: “Kumakanta ako sa banyo kasi nahihiya ako.

“Ayokong madinig kasi yung anak ko sasabihin niya, ‘Mom, you’re too loud.’

“Parang nagvo-vocalize ako sa bahay, sasabihin niya, ‘Mom, you’re too loud.’

“Parang gusto kong sabihin, ‘Hoy, ‘yong boses na iyan ang nagpapakain sa iyo.’”

Kidding aside, Nate does appreciate his mom’s music, just that he’s not so familiar with the lyrics.


 He’s also aware that his parents, Regine and Ogie Alcasid, are famous, thanks to Google.

“Alam na niya at this point na famous yung parents niya.

“Hindi ko alam pero sabi niya nung isang araw, ‘Did you know mommy that you’ve sold more than eight million albums? You are the best-selling artist in the Philippines. I look you up in the internet.’

“Oo, Google is his best friend.”

 Does the six-year-old kid have an interest in singing?


“I don’t think he’s really aware of what we do, of his mommy and daddy’s work. Kasi ano naman siya e regular kid.

“Like nung nag-MOA ako, meron na siyang awareness nun. Baka nun lang niya first time nakita na ganun pala, maraming tao na nanonood para pakinggan ako.

“But even then. Hindi niya iniisip e bata pa lang siya.”





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