Melissa Ricks says Taekwondo is good for her three-year-old daughter Kiera

IMAGE Courtesy of Melissa Ricks on Instagram

Melissa Ricks says Taekwondo helps her daughter Kiera develop discipline, agility, and confidence.

Picking the right activities to keep toddlers from getting bored is quite challenging.

This is the stage when they're getting curious, and learning language and social skills.

This is why Melissa Ricks has enrolled her three-year-old daughter Kiera for summer classes at the Hills Learning Zone in Quezon City.

"I just really want her to learn as much as she can, and you're never too young naman to start anything.

"Trying nang trying until we find something she really likes," Melissa told (Philippine Entertainment Portal) in a short chat via Instagram

The 28-year-old Kapamilya actress let her daughter try other activities first before she chose Taekwondo for her.

Melissa said this activity helps her daughter develop discipline, agility, and confidence. 

She added, "At first she was shy and sat in a corner, but after a while she warmed up and started joining the exercises.

"I think the best part is when she comes home and tells me all about it.

"Sabi ko, 'Did u have fun?' She said, 'Yes, like Mulan!'"

On Instagram, Melissa proudly shared a video of her daughter's first Taekwondo classes.

Melissa wrote, "So @kierakelly12 tried Taekwando for kids at @hillslearningzone and she loves it! I was surprised!

"She came home telling me 'mommy I was shy at first, but now no more!' and started showing me what she learned, she said "hiiiiiyaaa yaaa yaaaa" with matching punches and kicks..."

Melissa said Kiera is also enrolled in Instant Reading classes.

"They use a fun and very unique approach which makes kids learn how to read the fastest and most effective way."


In a separate Instagram post, Melissa revealed that her daughter now can read a few letters from the alphabet.

Melissa wrote, "She was sounding out words! I wanted to jump for joy when she said the sound of the letters 'B' and 'E,' and read a 3 letter word! And its only day 1...

"This amazes me, I didnt know that kid this young would catch on so quickly!"

Her daughter turned three last January 12.





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