Coleen Garcia's mom did not approve of Billy Crawford at first

IMAGE Anj Sampayan

Coleen with her mom Maripaz Magsaysay at the former's despedida de soltera last night, April 14. Billy Crawford also attended the intimate event.

Maripaz Magsaysay, Coleen Garcia’s mother, admitted that she initially couldn’t accept the fact that her daughter is about to get married.

It was in December 2016 when Billy Crawford asked Coleen’s hand for marriage more than two years after they became a couple.

“Ako yung last person na hindi ko matanggap kasi nga nasa honeymoon stage kami ni Coleen na parang always spending time pa rin kami and everything, 'tapos too young for me."

But when she saw how happy Coleen was, she eventually accepted and fully supported the couple’s decision.

She added, “Minsan kasi it’s not about me, yung kung gusto talaga nila, right age naman na si Coleen, she’s 25.

“Yung parents kasi they should know when to, you know, put a boundary, kung kelan ka titigil na makialam sa mga big decisions ng mga anak mo.

“All you have to do is be supportive lang, and give your unconditional love and understanding, pray for them and wish them all the best in life.”

ADVERTISEMENT - CONTINUE READING BELOW (Philippine Entertainment Portal) and two other websites had the chance to interview Mommy Maripaz at her daughter’s despedida de soltera on April 14, 2018, in Casa Ibarra, Pasay City.

Soon-to-wed Billy and Coleen with their respective families.

Asked what her initial reaction was upon learning that Coleen was dating Billy back in 2014, Mommy Maripaz told the reporters,  “I didn’t approve since the beginning, e, pero I’m the type na I always keep it to my self lang.


“To be honest, since the beginning, I didn’t like the idea kasi siyempre ayoko lang masaktan yung anak ko, yung ma-judge siya or whatever, kasi siyempre hindi pa maayos lahat, di ba, and parang ang daming bashers, magko-comment or ano.

“Parang ako, I’m just here to support lang pero nandiyan na, e.”

Billy was then accused by fans of having overlapping relationships with his then-girlfrend Nikki Gil and Coleen.

Eventually, she saw the good qualities of her soon-to-be son-in-law.

“Billy is such a nice guy.

“Kung may mali siya, he’ll correct and make it up, malambing and sobrang makatao siya.

“I like him, he’s a good person, he has a good heart, he’s very kind.

“Ako yung laging tinatawagan niya good or bad news, he’d always call me everyday to update me gano'n.”

MOTHER’S ADVICE. And now that Billy and Coleen are set to wed this April, what's the advice of Mommy Maripaz?


She put emphasis on two things: love and God.

“Kasi yung mafo-fall out of love ka, it’s normal, it’s gonna be part of it, yung paggising mo ng umaga parang ayaw mo ng kasama yung taong yun, lahat pagdadaanan nila.

“Pero sa akin, if you put God at the center of the marriage, you’re relationship would never go wrong.

“At saka give each other space.

“Pag nag-away kayo, let them be, let him be, let her be. 'Tapos pag malamig na yung ulo, you talk.”





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