Saab Magalona's baby Pancho gains 500 grams in two weeks

IMAGE Courtesy of @panchobacarro on Instagram

Pancho Bacarro, the baby of Jim Bacarro and Saab Magalona, now has his own Instagram account.

Saab Magalona and Jim Bacarro want to document the milestones of their son Pancho.

Hence, they create an Instagram account for their son, on April 29.

Saab announces, "We just love taking selfies for his papa. By the way, I gave in and made him his own Instagram account.

"If you want to follow: @panchobacarro."

So far, Baby Pancho has generated almost 12,000 followers, and has five photos.

His first post reveals his sleeping pattern.

The caption reads: "Hello to all my new friends here on Instagram! Still trying to figure out this thing...

"Mom says people usually post food or selfies here and I tried to take a picture of MY food but papa said it’s NSFW.

"So here’s a selfie. Ok, have to sleep now so I can wake up at 1am and 4am for cuddle time with mom and papa. Goodnight!"

Here's a peek into his lion bathroom. 

The caption reads: "ROAR!!! We’re going to the doctor today for my second checkup since getting discharged from the hospital.

"I hope I gained a lot of weight — I promised my folks that this bath robe will fit me better in a few months’ time hehe.

"(Thanks to tita @kaihonasan for the gift!!)"

This one is about Saab not getting enough sleep.

The caption reads: "Mom’s face when papa asked her if she slept well last night. Sorry, mom!! Heehee."

Baby Pancho is also growing so fast.

"I’m always so *yawn* sleepy! I don’t know what happens but I always wake up to a bigger body! I like growing.

"I went to the doctor yesterday and I learned that I grew 6.5cm longer and 500grams heavier in just 2 weeks.

"My parents are happy about this but I dunno.. I don’t want to get too big to fit inside mom’s arms!"


For the latest post, Baby Pancho "pretends to listen" to his mom.

Pancho was born prematurely last February 8.





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