Andi Eigenmann to celebrate birthday without Ellie for the first time

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According to Jaclyn Jose, her daughter Andi Eigenmann let Ellie skip her birthday so she could attend the graduation of her dad Jake Ejercito in Singapore

Andi Eigenmann earned her mom Jaclyn Jose's admiration after she let her daughter Ellie attend Jake Ejercito's graduation.

The son of Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada earned his Master's degree in Marketing earlier today, June 24, from Northumbria University in Singapore.

Andi, for her part, will be celebrating her 27th birthday tomorrow, June 25.

Based on Jaclyn's Instagram post, it will be the first time Ellie will miss mom Andi's birthday.

She wrote, "1st time that you celebrated your birthday with out Ellie, I ask you why?

"You said minsan lang mag-graduate si Jake I can always have her more of my Birthday.

"I agree with that ok lang kasi mas lalo mo ako pinapahanga sa pag mamahal mo kay Ellie...

"So proud of you for [being] level headed.

"Ingat lang anak sa dagat."

Andi's Instagram story last June 23 showed that she was en route to North Luzon Expressway.

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Meanwhile, Jaclyn posted another video for Andi which captured Ellie's version of the song "Imagine."


The Kapuso veteran actress said, "She doesn't want to be video while singing I respect that.

"I was driving, she was at the back. she doesn't wanna be seen."

Jaclyn then recounted how she used to play Beatles cassette tapes in her car, and how the then-four-year-old Andi used to sing the songs of the English rock band.

"I remember so vividly when you are the back seat. And I was driving, exact line, tone. you are a carbon copy of Ellie."

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