Ina Raymundo's youngest daughter is a star in the making

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Ina Raymundo's youngest daughter Minka seems like the most likely heir to her mom's showbiz throne. At five years old, her looks, talent and natural charm are earning her a lot of attention on social media.

Ina Raymundo and husband Brian Poturnak undoubtedly have artistahin kids—Erika, Jakob, Anika, Mikaela, and Minka.

Although none of them are currently in the entertainment scene, the celebrity mom revealed that she’s often asked if she would allow them to join showbiz in the near future.

And in an Instagram post few months ago, she answered, “Yes, I will allow if they really, really want to do it and they’re at an appropriate age to make such a decision.”

So far, five-year-old Minka is the only one who has shown interest in becoming an actress.

Here she is, showing her range of emotions:

Interestingly, when Ina was pregnant with Minka, she was fond of watching zombie flicks.

With a grin, she confessed, “I watched 4 seasons of Walking Dead while I was pregnant with her.”

“Ang batang pinaglihi ko sa zombies…”

That's why during last year’s Halloween, portraying a zombie was the top choice.


Well, if you have a mom who’s an actress, it wouldn't be surprising if you'd ham it up for the camera naturally, right?

In fact, Ina called Minka a “scene stealer” in one of her shoots.

Part of her caption reads, “So I brought this cutie patootie to my photo shoot yesterday and she stole the show!

“She wanted her photos to be taken. She demanded it. [smiley emoji]

“She’s so happy in this environment. [heart emoji].”

Called “little doll” by her proud mom, Minka is athletic as well.

She plays baseball like her Kuya Jakob.

At two and a half years old, she’s been “bugging” her mom that she wants to work out.

But wait. There's even more to this cute bundle of energy.

Did you know that Minka can play the piano too?

“Minka started playing the piano (keyboard) at the age of 4. ???? She learned to read notes before she could read words.”


Isn’t she the future Liza Soberano?

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Have you ever seen a living doll? I have! I have! ????#minkamanika #futureLizaSoberano ???? #livingdoll #beautiful

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