Miriam Quiambao, Ardy Roberto are expecting a baby boy

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Miriam Quiambao and Ardy Roberto recently had a babymoon, a relaxing or romantic vacation taken by parents-to-be before their baby is born.

Miriam Quiambao-Roberto and husband Ardy Roberto are having a baby boy.

After four years of wishing and praying for it, the couple shared the good news earlier this year that they were expecting their baby.

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When is the baby due?

 “March. It’s a boy! Baka second or third week. Depende.

"Pag-uusapan pa namin yung exact date with [the] doctor.”

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Miriam posted on Instagram about being on bed rest weeks ago: "I was on bed rest because last November 10, before our gender reveal, I had a congenital anomaly scan…I had persistent uterine contractions…and if it continues, it might push the baby, so concerned sila about that, so I was advised to take bed rest this whole week."

The 1999 Miss Universe first runner-up has since fully recovered, and was up and about at the filming of a special episode of Bianca Gonzalez's Paano Ba ‘To?


We also caught up with her at an Olay Fearless First event, and asked how her pregnancy has been so far. 

She mentioned having a few cravings now then, and recalled a funny incident during the early part of her pregnancy.

“Actually, seldom lang ako nakaramdam ng paglilihi, but I remember in my first trimester, I was really craving [for a] burger.

"I really had to have a burger so naghanap ako ng drive-through. I was happily eating it, 'Naku, malaki ‘to for me.'

"Ayoko naman to gain so much weight so kalahati lang kakainin ko. Yung isang kalahati ibibigay ko kay Joshua."

Joshua is Ardy's son with his late wife, Tingting.

Miriam continued, "Mga five minutes na lang ako away from home, gusto ko talaga siya ubusin. Sabi ko, 'Lord, puwede ba akin na lang ito?' 'Tapos feeling ko, sabi naman sa akin, 'Sure, go ahead.'


"So pagdating ko sa bahay, tinapon ko lahat ng evidence kasi ayoko naman na mainggit sa akin yung son ko."

It worked out in the end because Joshua, who spent time with their neighbors, already had a burger treat.

"Hay, kahit papaano hindi na ako guilty," Miriam commented.

Miriam also shared how she has been taking care of her health.

"I make sure to eat a lot of vegetables. I avoid rice.

"I eat quinoa or couscous also because I’m intolerant to rice."

Recently, the beauty queen also posted about their babymoon, "a relaxing or romantic vacation taken by parents-to-be before their baby is born."

Miriam and Ardy spent a weekend in Tagaytay, and had dinner at one of her favorite restaurants.


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