Pregnant Rochelle Pangilinan gives todo-bigay dance performance

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Rochelle Pangilinan will probably give birth within the period of February 22 to March 1.

A few weeks before Rochelle Pangilinan's due date, she did something that she truly misses: Dancing!

On Instagram, she wrote, "Hindi ko maiwasang hindi sumayaaaaaaw!

"Sa set ng Onanay, habang naghihintay, nagkatuwaang gawin ang #switchitupchallenge haha!"

Some of her fans got worried.

natakot ako.

Hala kawawa ung baby nyo po baka na stress na sa loob

Parang ako yung nenerbiyos

Nangangatal na ko kase habang sumasayaw ka ate e umaalog yung tiyan! Juskooooo.

But majority of the comments praised her short but todo-bigay performance.

Walang kupas!

Grabe siya.. lupet pa rin

Napakagaling mo pa din po!


By the way, she assured her followers, "Pero syempre bago ko gawin, nagpaalam muna ako sa OB ko, pinayagan naman nya ko,namiss ko tong gawin! Ang sumayaw!!!

"Pagpasensyahan n’yo na, hindi namin kabisado ang dance steps hehe #switchitupchallenge #kahitbuntislaban #mayfanskamiperoonanaystaff ???? #kalokohan #hindiakopinalakingsexbombparasumuko"

Joining her were Onanay co-stars Eunice Lagunsad and Mikee Quintos.

ADVERTISEMENT - CONTINUE READING BELOW cited dancing as one of the best forms of exercise during pregnancy.

In fact, shaking the tummy is not a problem at all, and that belly dancing has been practiced since ancient times.

Among its benefits:

- Loosens pelvic joints and muscles
- Relaxes and de-stresses with slow, deliberate movements
- Builds core strength, which is highly recommended for pushing during labor
- Relieves backaches, and can move a posterior baby off of your back
- Helps baby get into the perfect anterior position for birth

Rochelle became a household name in 2000, the birth of SexBomb Dancers.

She will probably give birth within the period of February 22 to March 1.

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