Miriam Quiambao: "There's a chance I might give birth to a preemie."

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Miriam Quiambao, presently 34 weeks pregnant, has asked prayers for her baby boy: "...that he lasts until full term or at least 37-38 weeks upon delivery."

February 11 is a crucial date for Miriam Quiambao, who is presently 34 weeks pregnant with her first baby.

According to the Facebook post of her husband Ardy Roberto, the 43-year-old host is scheduled to have an ultrasound—the result of which will determine if she needs to undergo an emergency Cesarean section.

Miriam herself said, "There's a chance I might give birth to a preemie."

It can be recalled that her pregnancy update last January 14 was that she needed to gain weight because her baby was "too small for his age." She was then 30 weeks pregnant.

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She posted the latest update after her check-up last February 7:

"The Perinatologist says my placenta is still thickened and getting 'older' and calcified. This means that it’s getting harder and further obstructing blood flow of nutrition and oxygen of the baby.

"As a result, the baby is still small for his age, and is about two weeks behind in terms of growth. If this progresses, the oxygen flow might be compromised and it might direct all the oxygen to the brain to preserve the baby at the expense of other bodily organs like the kidney.


"His head has descended further down and my cervix is getting shorter. There's a chance I might give birth to a preemie."

Miriam then asked her friends and followers for prayers.

"Please pray that he lasts until full term or at least 37-38 weeks upon delivery and that the Lord will create a miracle and sustain my baby Elijah without any damage until he is born."

Ardy reposted a friend's prayer.

"Father, We thank You for filling Miriam’s womb with life. I know that precious little Elijah comes from You and has been destined by You from the beginning of the world. We thank You for this miracle growing inside Miriam in the 'secret place' of her womb. I thank you that You are giving little Elijah as a gift to her parents but also as a gift for the world. We can't wait to see another image of Yourself come forth into this world and the plans You have for Elijah.


"We ask you, Father, in Jesus' name, to hedge our little Elijah about with Your mighty protection. Watch over this little one each day as You have intricately created him in the hidden sanctuary of the womb. We ask for Your divine health and that you will sustain Miriam in good health and vitality throughout this whole pregnancy.

"I pray that You will keep Little Elijah growing healthy in the womb until Your appointed TERM and that Elijah will come forth in Your perfect timing.

"In Jesus' name. Amen."

The couple are expecting a baby boy, who will be named Elijah.

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