"Anak, dito ka lang sa bahay": How to make this sound good to your bagets

It's possible!
Jan 11, 2018
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It's hard to get your tweens and teenagers to listen to you these days. Even more so when you tell them to spend more time at home—what if they're the type na mahilig maglakwatsa? 

Telling them not to leave the house will likely get them running in the opposite direction. Of course, expect them to give you the worst excuses:

"Kailangan ko ng magandang background for my selfie!"

"Pupunta ako sa library para mag-research."

"Kailangan ko ng Wi-Fi!"

But that's because they're not completely aware of the upsides of staying at home. The key is to sound convincing (or funny, if you can pull it off) when you give them these one-liners:


"Matitipid mo yung allowance mo."

Once you step out of the house, you'll have to spend for your ride. There's also a need to buy yourself a meal once or twice. But if you stay at home, you can set aside your allowance and use it for a rainy day—or, seriously, a new outfit.


"Bottomless ang iced tea dito."

No need to look at the price difference between a single-serve and a bottomless drink, and compute how long you can possibly make one glass last. Mix and drink all the iced drinks you want at home—all day!


"Malinis ang CR at walang pila."

A complete bummer is when you need to go but have to fall in line to get to the bathroom. If you're at a coffee shop, who's going to watch your things? At home, the bathroom is clean and free to use, and you can sit like a king on the throne.


"May sariling Wi-Fi na tayo."

The clincher: You don't have to leave home to get a Wi-Fi connection. No more mooching off free Wi-Fi at the mall, at last! And your teen's days of being a #WiFiHunter—or that neighbor na mahilig "mangapit-Wi-Fi"—will be over.

We know you're worried about the monthly fees and installation costs—but Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi makes sure that you get affordable and reliable internet service at home and still stay within your budget.

For a one-time fee of P1,999, you get free 10GB, all from a modem that serves 50% stronger Wi-Fi versus MyFi. Plus, you can control how much you want to load. Even P15 is already enough.

All you have to do is buy the Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi package and download the Globe At Home App from the App Store or Google Play to get started. 

Got any questions? Get more details about Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi here.

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