Moms, you have more in common with teens than you think

What generation gap? Moms of today can relate to the challenges of puberty.
Oct 30, 2017

Do you still remember when you didn't feel like going to school because of a giant pimple or hair that you just couldn't seem to tame?

Even if different generations have been classified as X, Y, and Z, there are some experiences that hold true for all of them. At the top of the list is puberty.

Everyone goes through puberty, and we all know that it can be an awkward and overwhelming experience. Just ask anyone—even today's titas—who has gone through it.

Pimples, body odor, and bad hair days are just some of the things all teens of any generation have been dealing with, and these can have a negative impact on self-esteem. Moms like you can support your teenage kids by giving them the right advice to be more confident in their own bodies. Here's how you can help them deal:



Pimples popping up

A zit on the nose usually gets a reaction like "Uy, in love siya!" Having one too many on the face, though, can destroy teens' confidence. Do you still remember how dyahe it felt?

Encourage them to cleanse their face daily, especially before bedtime, with an antibacterial facial wash like Pond's Acne Clear. Dermatologist-tested and specially formulated for facial skin, it fights 99.9% of pimple-causing bacteria. It works in three days to help them get back that acne-clear look and regain their confidence.


BO letting you down


During puberty, your sweat glands are on overdrive. Whether you're in PE class or nervous about a test, you could sweat and have body odor.

BO is always embarrassing. Give your teens this tip: Roll on a deodorant like Rexona Powder Dry. It's safe for everyday use. They can apply it after every morning bath to help them feel protected from body odor all day.


Bad hair day, every day

For teen girls, hair—not just kilay—is life. And dry, frizzy, and dull hair are just some of the concerns that they have to deal with daily. Add to that the daily commute to and from school, and the bad hair day just gets worse.

The solution, thankfully, is simple. Cream Silk can give them a customized solution to their hair problems. The first step to tackling their hair concern: Get your teens to try the Hair Profiler.


Aside from giving them products that help them tackle puberty issues, let them know about #TeenWeekPH. It's a youth-development program that aims to make Filipino teens future-ready by educating them on good grooming and boosting their self-esteem.

Visit the Teen Week PH Facebook page to know more about the campaign.

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