These celebs have the sweetest messages for their moms

They proudly show the world how much they love their mama!
May 12, 2017

What's the best way to show your mom in real life how much you love her?

It's all about making that connection with her. 

Keep it real with small but meaningful gestures that show your mom how well you know her and how much you appreciate her.

Sometimes, a warm hug or a sweet message is all it takes. What matters is you truly connect with your mom, and your feelings are real.

These celebrities know a thing or two about making that real connection with their moms:


Dimples Romana

Share what you have learned from your mom. Follow the example of the actress and mom of two: "Learned everything I needed to know about being a mom from my Mama. Mula sa pagaalaga hanggang sa pagluluto." 

In this post with her second child Alonzo, Dimples adds that she enjoys cooking for the whole family with her mama. There's nothing like connecting with your loved ones over a delicious meal.


Camille Prats Yambao

Now expecting her second child, Camille posts this snap from her son Nathan's first communion. In this tribute, she says her mom Alma has been a mother as well to the soon-to-be-big brother: "I want to celebrate you mom! For being the best mom not only for me but for Nathan as well.

"I wouldn't be half the mother I am if it weren't for you and everything you taught me. I love you mom!"


Franco Laurel

The actor digs up this old photo of him as a little boy being carried by his mom. "Being the eldest of five children my Mom carried each one of us the same way and to this day... she still carries us with unconditional love and fervor."

Franco says he has carried his own children the same way and will continue this tradition with his soon-to-be-born bunso.

Rachel Peters

The newly crowned queen is shown here clowning around with her mom. She says in this post, "It's not Christmas but it sure felt like it with my parents here last week!! My parents live in Thailand but we keep in touch everyday.

"I just want to remind you all to thank your mums and tell them how much you love them. How about you? How do you #ConnectForReal?"

Whichever way you craft your message to your mom, there's no doubt she wants to #ConnectForReal with you.

Moms want something real, not something fancy. Sometimes, even just volunteering to do some household chores can already put a smile on her face.

For more inspiration, watch this. In the video, a teenage boy struggles to write the perfect Mother's Day greeting, and then he figures out the right thing to do.

#ConnectForReal with your mom every single day.

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