Joey Mead King to women drivers: "Be a mindful driver."

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Joey Mead King: "I'm not one of the best drivers, but I'm definitely a mindful driver."

Driving in Manila requires skill, patience, and caution due to the undisciplined drivers, traffic, and street-related modus operandi.

Joey Mead King, star of History Channel's Celebrity Car Wars, is very much aware of these.

Hence, at the first-ever History Con, where this exclusive interview was held, she described her driving as "lola-ish."

She began, "I'm not one of the best drivers, but I'm definitely a mindful driver."

The 39-year-old model also admitted to failing her driver's license exams twice in the U.S.

"I passed written but when it comes to actual driving, I failed it."

But she stressed it isn't just about driving but also making your safety a priority.

"For women to be more savvy on the road is maybe take up classes on being a mindful driver."

Offhand, she shared four helpful tips to all women drivers out there.

1. Be a safe driver, follow the rules.

"I'm so safe. I'm one of those drivers who let you know when I'm turning left or turning right. I give people right of way. I respect the pedestrians. I'm one always behind the damn bus because I'm such a safe driver."


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2. Consider the safety of the areas where you will park your car.

Joey Mead reminded, "I think for women drivers, if you park your car, always make sure you park your car somewhere you're with a lot of company, other cars, or if there's light where a lot of people can see you."

She added, "Never park you car near a dodgy looking van, crack heads. Be mindful."

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3. Keep your keys ready even before you go to parking lot.

"Walking to your car, it's always best to have your keys ready. When you walk into your car, put your keys between your hands just to have your keys ready to get in the car and lock the car.

"These are things that I do. Actually, I just recently did this in Los Angeles when I parked the car somewhere, and I didn't feel so good about it, but I made sure I had everything with me ready to get into the car."


4. Little things matter, like your hair.

She explained, "For girls with like short hair or long hair to always keep your hair in front of you. I know if you have a ponytail, it's easier for someone to grab you."

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