Why five celebrities fell in love with this place in Italy

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Anne Curtis explored the beauty of Amalfi Coast after the wedding of her friend Isabelle Daza in Tuscany, Italy.

With a number of celebrities posting their travel photos on Instagram, we won't be surprised if Amalfi Coast will make it to Filipinos' top destinations in Europe.

Located in the Province of Salerno in southern Italy, it is a 50-kilometer stretch of coastline, which NationaGeographic.com described as the country's "most scenic."

It's also famous for its corniche roads and, as Solenn Heussaff put it,  “It's both the beach and the mountain in one place."

Check out what the other celebs have to say about this popular holiday destination.

Anne Curtis exclaimed, "Just like a postcard," upon reaching the Amalfi Coast.

Look at those pastel-hued villages on the hillside, they're picture perfect.

On Ravello, Anne had one word: "Magnifico."

Kim Jones: "I would like to retire and grow old here in #Ravello."

Ravello is considered one of the most romantic small towns in southern Italy, and has the marvelous view of the azure coast.

But French novelist Andre Gide said it is "closer to the sky than the sea."

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Kim's top shot of the "beautiful" Positano, a cliffside village.

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Dominique Cojuangco's itinerary when she went to to Italy with her friends last August included Positano and Ravello, where she checked out some cliffside gardens.

Jewel Mische Kurzer was amazed by the unbelievable natural beauty of it.

Francine Prieto also dropped by Positano after her wedding to Frank Shotkoskis in Capri, Italy.

After their Italian trip, she couldn't forget Amalfi.

"Nakaka-miss ka," she wrote.

Francine's photo of Ravello.





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