Baby Primo brings his cuteness to Sydney, Australia

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Baby Primo riding his first bus with Mommy Iya Villania around Sydney, Australia.

Baby Primo experienced plenty of “firsts” during the Holy Week.

For the long break, his parents Drew Arellano and Iya Villania brought their little boy to New South Wales, Australia.

Mama's boy. @antonioprimoarellano #AussiePosse2017

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This was Primo’s first out of the country trip and first adventure at his mom’s childhood town.

Drew and Iya captured every moment of Primo’s first vacation.

At the pahk (park) and on the swings!

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Though Drew is a hands-on dad, the father and son got to play outdoors.

American Ninja Bubby! @antonioprimoarellano #AussiePosse2017

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The Kapuso host also had tickling sessions in between.

Papa going for the kill! @antonioprimoarellano #AussiePosse2017

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The Arellano trio explored Sydney as well.  

Along with Drew’s Brap Pack brother Jay Olives and his family, the group toured the city by commute.

Iya led the pack with Primo, who got his first train ride from New South Wales to Sydney…

Waiting for the Minister's first train ride with his super mama. #sydney #AussiePosse2017

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...and his first bus ride around the city.

Lots of firsts today for the Minister. Our lil biyahero on his first bus ride. #sydney #AussiePosse2017

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Among the places they visited was Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre.

The facility was built in preparation for the Olympic and Paralympic Games back in 2000.

It remained open for the community's recreational and fitness activities.

Our lil happy flipper @antonioprimoarellano #AussiePosse2017

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At the park’s water playground, Drew and Primo thoroughly enjoyed their dip in the pool.

The dad also took a ride down the water slide.

Papa also had fun at the Aquatic Centre. #AussiePosse2017

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Of course, their Australian trip was also a chance for Iya and Drew to unwind.





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