Gabbi Garcia to visit New York City for the first time: "Excited, ready na yung camera ko!"

IMAGE Mark Jesalva

After a year in Encantadia, Gabbi Garcia rewards herself with a two-week vacation in the States and Canada.

Gabbi Garcia is taking a quick break in Northern America with her family.

She confesses the two-week trip is a reward to herself, "It was my idea, I have been working for a year with Encantadia and I feel I deserve a break also."

She plans to visit Los Angeles, New York, and Canada.

It will be her first time in New York, she says.

"It's my first time, so I am looking forward to roam around Times Square and Manhattan, and see the Statue of Liberty."

She adds, "Excited, ready na yung camera ko!"

She has family and friends based in Northern America, "I am looking forward to visiting them.

Now that Encantadia has ended, the Hara of Lireo is moving on, "I look forward to having a break muna.

"When I get back, I will definitely start working agad.

"I am gonna be doing something, better watch for that."


Gabbi seems to be gearing up for more action, "I fell in love with action because of Encantadia."

She shares the fantaserye also inspired her to stay in shape, "Ngayon na wala na, 'di na makikita tiyan ko every night, but I have to maintain it.

"I really don't diet, I just watch what I eat. I eat, as long as I always run and I know I am burning it."


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