Baby Malia O'Brian bonds with grandma in the U.S.

IMAGE @malia_obrian on Instagram

Pokwang and Lee O'Brian's daughter Malia gets to spend some "Nana time" with her grandma during their recent visit to San Francisco.

The Halloween break gave Pokwang and Lee O'Brien the time to introduce their daughter Malia to her dad's relatives in the U.S.

On Instagram, the American actor posted a tender moment between his mom and Malia.

He wrote, "So happy to see my daughter and her Nana getting some good time together!! Love you both so much!! #MamaTime #MaliaOBrian #NanaOB"

This was not the first time Malia met her American grandparents.

In March 2017, two months after Pokwang gave birth, "all the lolos came together to see #BabyMalia!"

Lee added, "We absolutely cherished this moment."

Meanwhile, Baby Malia met her Aunt Mimi, too.

In the Instagram account created for Malia, the caption read: "Yayyyy!! I’m so happy I finally met my Tita Mimi @marieobrian !! And... I got to sit on her lap when she wasn’t holding me...I love you Tita!! Can’t wait to see you again soon!! #LoveMyTita #TitaMimi #MadameMalia #MaliaOBrian #BabyOBrian #BabyMalia"


From San Francisco, where, as Mommy Pokwang quipped, "kalahati ng lahi mo" are residing...

...the family headed to New York, where the comedienne had a show dubbed Father and Son, which was top-billed by Piolo Pascual and his son Iñigo.

It was held last November 2, at Hunter's College in Manhattan, New York.

Here's a photo of the baby with her mom and dad at the St. Patrick's Cathedral, a prominent landmark in the Big Apple.


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