Richard Gomez, Lucy Torres, and daughter Juliana: Picture perfect in Paris

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Richard Gomez says Paris stay, with wife Lucy and daughter Juliana, is  "time well spent with my beautiful ladies." 

Richard Gomez, Lucy Torres, and their daughter Juliana left for Paris, France, last December 10.

At their layover in Hong Kong, the family bumped into Aga Muhlach and Charlene Gonzalez.

Richard and Aga were once the premier matinee idols of the country, who still star occasionally in movies today; Lucy and Charlene are both considered two of the most beautiful faces in town.

Both good-looking couples are apparently happy in their marriages.

Richard wrote, "I was so happy to see Aga and Charlene at the Cathay Pacific Lounge. We had some time to talk about things we've been doing. We talked about politics and I told him to run again because I know that public service is really in his heart.

"When we reached HK airport, our flight was so delayed that when we stepped out of the plane, we had very little time to say good bye.

"We had to rush to our connecting flights otherwise we would have been left behind.


"This selfie was a quick shot before saying goodbyes. @gomezjuliana @lucytgomez @agamuhlach317 @itsmecharleneg"

That photo was only the prelude to their adventures in Paris.

Both Richard and Lucy took a break from public service—he as Ormoc City mayor and she as representative of the 4th District of Leyte—for personal reasons.

Their family is celebrating Lucy's 44th birthday in the City of Lights.

Here's Juliana showing "a corner in one of the prettiest cities in the world," and getting ready for the sightseeing.

Richard and Lucy's breakfast: Butter and croissants, which they ate with love.

Their first stop was Champs-Élysées, which is often referred to as "the world's most beautiful avenue."

The trio had a "nice, quiet lunch at a place called Auguste," then Richard bought his wife "a bunch that looked liked paper roses—sweet pale pink, delicate, long-stemmed..."

Lucy said they are called Ranunculus.

They also dined at Arpège, a 3-star Michelin restaurant owned by Chef Alain Passard.


Juliana took a photo of their "guilt-free" dessert: Profiteroles soaked in honey caramel sauce.

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guilt free

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The following day, the congresswoman had a "beautiful first meal" at Le Relais de L'entrecote, which is famous for its steak-frites and secret sauce.

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It called us back like a great love, this time on a December, and in the cold of winter. Much of it is still the same —- the handwritten menu in French, chairs and tables so close to each other you can hear the next person sigh, a line that is always long but a wait that isn’t (because service is always efficient). There are things though that I do not remember too well from the first visit — like the cart of glorious dessert choices right by the entrance, how great the small plate of salad tastes, and on each table a little pot of mustard that is EVERYTHING. We scraped the bottom of that one, finishing what seemed too strong and too much initially, a beautiful golden heap of Dijon mustard that was perfect smothered over the fries and steak, every last taste of it in our mouths making us want more, more, and more. And then there was dessert, one you instinctively make room for even if there is barely any left, because the one I chose happened to be chocolate cake that looked innocent enough but wasn’t, every bit of it the food version of a bad boy you want (and must!) run away from but can’t.♥️ What a beautiful first meal it was in Paris. @richardgomezinstagram @gomezjuliana

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Meanwhile, Juliana took photos of her OOTDs while she was "tambay-tambay lang."

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tambay tambay lang

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Richard, for his part, admired the beauty of his mestiza wife.

He wrote: "Is she getting younger every year?"

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Is she getting younger every year?

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A cup of coffee at Place Colette...

On December 18, Lucy and Juliana put out their OOTD posts.

The politician's caption: "Remembering all the croissants I ate with no regrets."

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The two ladies also had the time to capture their affection for each other.

Lucy's words: "And having you call me Mama is one of my life’s deepest joys"

And what's a visit to Paris without having a photograph against its main attraction, the Eiffel Tower.

Two hours before their scheduled flight, the three had a photo session.


"Dreaming of Paris"

Lucy wrote: "Work finds us spending so much time apart I treasure so very much days like this when all else melts away and we can just be man and woman, husband and wife."

Richard's comment: "Spell happy. Us."

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Spell happy. Us.

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