Gina Alajar, Michael de Mesa officially annulled

After 27 years of being husband and wife, Gina Alajar and Michael de Mesa are now officially annulled.

Last May 2006, a court order was released that effectively dissolved the bonds of marriage between the two. This weekend, the two broke their silence by appearing on several afternoon showbiz shows to clarify their status.

The verdict is out

In separate interviews by ABS-CBN show The Buzz, Gina Alajar and Michael de Mesa shared a few words regarding their annulment.

"It was his [Michael de Mesa's] birthday. Binati ko siya ng ‘happy birthday' tapos sabi ko pa o bakit hindi mo ako kinumbida? Sabi niya ‘Pupunta ka ba?' Sabi ko e ‘Malayo na kayo.' Asan ba kayo? Sabi niya ‘Did you receive the court decision already?' He said, ‘Yeah we're annulled already.' The initial reaction was ‘Yeeesss! Merong relief,'" recalls Gina.

The two did not find any difficulty in informing their sons Ryan, Geoff, and A.J. about the annulment. Gina narrates: "I thought alam na nila. Tahimik. Nakikiramdam ako e. Walang nagsasalita about the annulment. Tapos sabi ko annulled na pala kami ni dad. I don't know if it was Ryan or A.J. who said ‘Ngayon lang ba? Di ba matagal na?'" Michael confirms by saying that the process of informing them was easy. "I have wonderful, open minded boys...[who are] very understanding. The boys are ok," notes Michael.

The annulment was initiated by Michael in 2004. During an interview with S-Files last Sunday, Michael said that he was prompted to make the move after Gina filed for a divorce in the US. "Since siya naman ang may gusto [at siya ang] nakipaghiwalay, gusto niya ng closure, binigay ko na rin, di ba? Gusto niya ng closure, ako gusto ko rin ng closure so we can both move on."

With the annulment, Michael looks forward to starting anew with his girlfriend Janet. "Clean slate talaga. Para pareho na kaming malaya, pareho na kaming single ulit." He adds: "She came to me at the right time. And she really lifted me up when I was down."

However, Michael is not planning on getting married anytime soon. He clarified that he wants to take everything step-by-step. "My life has turned around for the better. Not just sa career ko, you know, but my personal life, my new business [K9 Couture in Tiendesitas]. Tahimik ako ngayon, e."






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