Toni Gonzaga to take over Kris Aquino's shows?

“Ano?!” TV host-actress Toni Gonzaga theatrically exclaims upon hearing the question whether she will take over Kris Aquino’s shows.

Rumors have it that the 22-year-old star will handle Kris Aquino’s two daily shows—GAME K N B? and Kapamilya Deal or No Deal—once Kris goes on maternity leave. Kris is due to give birth in May 2007.

“Hindi ko alam,” Toni answers candidly. “Hintayin ko na lang kung may magsabi sa kin na may authority pero lagi sinasabi sa kin [yan]. There’s been rumors about that pero I don’t wanna ano [assume that it’s true].”

The young star is already being dubbed as ‘the next Kris Aquino.’

“Siyempre you feel flattered, overwhelmed with the compliment,” she says. “Pero at the same time, you don’t want to ponder on that. That’s something na I don’t want to embrace. It’s something I can say I’m very grateful to have those comments from people pero I’d rather concentrate on improving myself, my craft, and what I do.”

If she does get the job: “Siyempre you would be honored and flattered. Like anyone would say, no one can ever take the place of anyone in that position. Regine Velasquez will always be Regine Velasquez. No one can take her place. Kris Aquino will always be Kris Aquino, and no one can take her place.

“You can always make a name for yourself,” she adds. “And don’t try to take someone else’s throne. Ako yun lagi ang iniisip ko e. You can just make a name, an image, [and] a status of your own.”





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