Regine Valasquez's dad upset over her mystery boyfriend

Regine Velasquez has tongues wagging following her declaration that, for four years now, she has had a boyfriend. She falls short of naming the guy, but says that he is not from showbiz.

Speculation has run wild since her surprising announcement at the September 26 press conference of Till I Met You. Regine is, after all, a prize catch and is one of the most closely watched among local celebrities.

Showbiz insiders say that the mystery boyfriend can only be Ogie Alcasid, the Asia's Songbird's co-host in SOP, GMA-7's Sunday musical variety show. Other kibitzers say that there is in fact no boyfriend, and that Regine made the announcement only to generate buzz around Till I Met You, her latest movie with action superstar Robin Padilla.

Meantime, as a result of the announcement, Mang Gerry, Regine's father and first music mentor, is said to have shed buckets of tears. This is according to a source close to Regine's family, who requests anonymity. What remains unclear is why Mang Gerry would shed tears. Is it because he does not approve of the guy? Or because he was the last to know that his daughter already had a boyfriend?

The same source says that Ogie Da Pogi, a married man whose wife and two children live in Australia, pays Regine a visit every weekend at Cacai Velasquez-Mitra's home in Quezon City. And that almost the entire clan allegedly gives the singer-composer the cold shoulder every time he shows up. The entire family, the source adds, plays bingo every weekend at Cacai's residence.





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