Anjo Yllana still undecided about his political plans

"As of now, I have not yet 100% decided on it," says Parañaque vice-mayor Anjo Yllana in an exclusive interview with YES! Online last October 27 at the Crowne Plaza hotel. This is in response to a question if he is going to run for the same position in the May 2007 elections.

The actor-politician discloses that, aside from vice-mayor, there are also offers for him to run as mayor and congressman of Parañaque.

According to Anjo: "Malacañang has invited me several times to run for congressman in District II of Paranaque. I also have offers to run for mayor and vice-mayor."

Given a choice, Anjo says that he wants to run for re-election so that he will still have time for his showbiz career.

"Deep in my heart," says Anjo, "I would want to run for re-election because I still want to enjoy my life in show business. It's not that I don't want to serve as a mayor or a congressman. I hope that that time will come, but not in the near future. If I run for a higher position, I might end it [show business] already.

"Being a vice mayor," he continues, "I have less responsibilities. I only take care of legislations and my councilors and I have plenty of time for my constituents if ever they have problems. At the same time, I have time for my showbiz career and my family. So I have time for everything. If I run for a higher position, that will eat up my full time towards that responsibility as a mayor, for example."

Anjo cites his hosting stint in Eat Bulaga! as one of the main reasons why he is still uncertain to run for a higher position. Eat Bulaga! is the daily noontime variety show aired on GMA-7.

The actor-politician says, "There are a lot of things involved e. I even asked Malou [Choa Fagar, producer of Eat Bulaga!], ‘Malou, if I run for mayor, can I still come out [on the show]?' She said, ‘I'll ask my legal adviser.' Then she told me after that: ‘You cannot come out anymore in Eat Bulaga!' Siyempre, parang I'm gonna lose something that I love."

He also adds: "I'm gonna lose my friends in Eat Bulaga! I won't be able to see them anymore. I'll lose my showbiz career kasi I have to concentrate [on my position] and, legally speaking, I cannot come out on TV anymore. So will I be happy with that? I do not know. But one thing is for sure, I am happy right now with what I have-my showbiz career, as a public servant, and my family. I'm satisfied and I'm not asking for anything more."

Anjo has been part of Eat Bulaga! since 1998. He tells PEP that he treats the hosts and staff of the show as his second family.

"I've never been so happy in my showbiz career," says Anjo. "When there was Palibhasa Lalake [his sitcom in ABS-CBN during the ‘90s], they were my second family-sina Joey [Marquez], sina Richard [Gomez]. Basta kanya-kanya, nag-asawa na. Ito, ang Eat Bulaga!, it's now my second family. Every morning, I wake up looking forward to see them [hosts and staff]. Not only to work but to see them, talk to them, tsismis, lokohan."



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