Anjo Yllana breaks silence, tells Alma Moreno: 'Wala namang siraan!'

Incumbent Parañaque vice-mayor Anjo Yllana denies a report that he received P20 million in exchange for booting out former Parañaque mayor Joey Marquez from a lineup in the May 2007 election. The accusation was published in the entertainment section of Remate on October 20.

In an exclusive interview with Anjo on October 27 at the Crowne Plaza hotel, the actor-politician says: "Definitely, it's a character assassination. I cannot speak in behalf of whoever is behind this. I don't know what the intentions are, but definitely it's a character assassination. It has something to do with politics, the coming elections."

Anjo says that the accusation seems to have come from the camp of former Parañaque first lady Alma Moreno. The Remate entertainment column, which practically accused him of accepting the staggering bribe money but did not mention its direct source, had been peppered with quotes from an interview with the actress.

The actress had announced, as early as May, that she would run for vice-mayor in Parañaque in next year's election.

Asked if he believes Alma is capable of spreading a rumor like that, Anjo says: "She just did."

"I'm just wondering why," he continues. "Ganun ba kaimportante yung position [vice-mayor] na gusto niya for her [Alma] to do that to me? But I would respect whatever decision she'll make."

Anjo adds, "It's not nice lang kasi ninong pa ako ng anak niya [Alma], si BJ. Siyempre, yung mga anak niya, mahal ko sila. Sana walang ganun, hitting below the belt."

The actor-politician stresses that he has no objections to Alma's decision to run as vice-mayor of Parañaque. Alma is the ex-wife of Joey Marquez, a three-term mayor who failed in his 2004 bid for representative of Parañaque. Joey and Alma were godparents at Anjo's wedding to Jackie Manzano on August 29, 1998.

"I have no objections if Alma runs," says Anjo. "She declared [her candidacy] May or June, wala namang narinig na masama sa akin, na nagrereklamo ako. I respect if she really wants to run."

When asked if he is willing to give way to Alma for the vice-mayoralty position, Anjo replies, "Hindi, kasi kahit may utang na loob ako sa kanila [Joey and Alma], mas malaki yung responsibilidad ko sa mga tao who voted for me. They [voters] put me there.

"I just can't tell them na ‘Oy, hindi na ako tatakbo because of my friend.' Ngayon, siyempre, that is their [voters] choice na if they don't want to vote for me anymore, or they would still want me as their vice-mayor. But the thing is, I will not give way just because, you know, may pressure from my friend. I will still run because of the people. The people will decide na lang. I will respect kung sino ang mas gusto nila."

According to Anjo, 38: "The worst thing that can happen lang naman dito is maniwala yung mga tao e. [Then] I'll lose in the coming elections."

Anjo has a plea to Alma: "I want to make a call na sana wala namang siraan or making up stories just to, you know, masira yung kalaban o makakalaban. Tapos you will use the media para manira ng tao. This is not good. Parang lumalabas tuloy, old politics yan e. The trapo way yan. Can't we have a campaign na just campaign kung ano yung platform mo? Yung siraan kasi, parang passé na yan. Sana let's do this fairly."

He adds, "This is not mine [vice-mayoralty], it was given to me by the people. All I'm asking for is sana let's do it on a fair fight. It's not nice throwing dirty linens to each other. Whether it is true or not - in my case, I know it's not true - but siyempre, some people would doubt that, baka totoo. Yun ang pangit dun e. May mga tao rin na baka maniwala. E, hindi maganda yung nakasulat. At the same time, hindi pa alam ng family ko to. It might hurt them kung lumaki ito na may ganun na lumabas. At the same time, baka sabihin ng iba, ‘Akala ko ba kaibigan mo yan [Alma]?'"

Anjo confides that he has yet to talk to Alma about this matter. But definitely, says Anjo, he will not make the first move.

"I don't need to make the first move kasi I don't know what to say to her," says Anjo. "Through media, this is my first interview. I never talked about this. How many months na 'to? This is my first time that I'll talk, [to] come out on print."






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