Dayanara is 'open' to the idea of working with Aga

"I'm open to work," answers Dayanara Torres when asked whether or not she is willing to co-star with ex-boyfriend Aga Muhlach. "It just depends really on the project. If it's a great project, it doesn't matter you know. [If] it's just a great project [then] I'll be back."

Asked if she is considering to return to Philippine show business, she says: "Well, it really depends on the project. I've been—for the past two years back into my career—in work. [I've] recently moved to L.A. [Los Angeles, California] because it's easier and better for my career as an actress. And things have been going great. If a project comes up, it will have to be the perfect project. The only thing I really have to study is-I have two kids and they come first. It will only be in a way that my kids can be here."

The 32-year-old mother-of-two was also asked whom she missed while she was away for eight years.

"You want specifics?" she jokes. "Anong gusto mo? Alam ko [ang ibig mong sabihin]." She laughs. "Nice try," she teases.

"Let me think," she says candidly. "I just missed—especially people that I worked with in the movies. There's Cesar Montano, Gary Valenciano, Aga Muhlach, and then the A.S.A.P. people-Pops [Fernandez], Martin [Nievera], Ariel [Rivera]. I got to meet so many people, because of A.S.A.P. You know it's a variety show. We [had] guest artists every single week. And, [I had] just truly great friendships here-Ruby [Rodriguez]. There's so many people I would love to see..."

The former Miss Universe was in the country for a four-day visit to endorse Beverly Hills 6750 Cosmetic Surgery and Skin Institute—business venture of former athlete David Bunevacz and wife, talent manager Jessica Rodriguez. Given a chance to stay longer, she says she would love to catch up with old friends.


"Everyone from the movies, the directors I've worked with, the PAs [production assistants], the TV shows, people from ABS-CBN, and from the other show in ABC-5," smiles Yari (Dayanara's nickname). "I wish I had more time so I can catch up, but like I said it's not going to be my last time here."





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