Miriam Quiambao is not yet ready for romance

When beauty queen-turned-TV host Miriam Quiambao recently attended singer-composer Ogie Alcasid's concert in Cebu City, news spread that the two were already dating.

In an interview with GMA-7's showbiz talk show S-Files last November 12, Ogie admits that he finds the host of GMA-7's Pinoy Meets World very lovely. "Miriam is a very beautiful, intelligent, warm, and caring person. Sino ba naman ang hindi magkakagusto dun?" He says that he admires Miriam but clarifies that aside from being friends—there's nothing going on between them. "She's really a nice person," Ogie adds.

For her part, Miriam explains that she was personally invited by Ogie to watch his concert in Cebu when he suddenly met her in the airport. Soon after Miriam attended the event, she heard of news reports linking her to the well-known musician.

The 1999 Miss Universe runner-up winner says simply: "I respect him [Ogie] a lot." However, she brushes off the issue being thrown her way that the singer-composer is pursuing her. "Ako kasi I never assume [that somebody likes me], unless a guy tells me," she states.

Miriam, who's been separated from her Hong Kong-based Italian ex-husband candidly admits that she is not yet ready to give love a second chance. "I'm open with anyone but in the meantime I just want to make friends."

Even though Miriam has not yet totally recovered from her failed marriage, she still manages to keep a positive outlook in life. "I'm doing my best to heal from my past relationship."





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