Dayanara claims she has 'been through hell and back'

Miss Universe 1993 Dayanara Torres is back in the Philippines after eight long years of absence.

Although she did not give details about the break-up of her marriage with Latin-American singer Marc Anthony, Yari shared some of the valuable lessons she learned from her failed relationship.

In an interview with Jessica Soho for Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho last November 11, Yari said: "I think the most important thing is to suffer for a while. You have to. You just have to think it will get better tomorrow. You'll get tired of the adversity and move on. You're not the first one or the last one. A lot of people have been through that."

She added: "It just makes me who I am. I am so blessed to have a wonderful life. I think everything happens for a reason."

In another interview by Showbiz Stripped last November 11, the international beauty queen said: "I've been through hell and back. [I'm] definitely thankful for everything. [It] just makes me who I am. [It] just makes me stronger. [I had] no idea how strong a person can be especially having kids."

Yari explained why she left the country at the peak of her career: "I left because I wanted to pursue my singing career. I did an album in Puerto Rico and then after that, I got offers to work in the theater."

She also talked about her post-divorce life: "After the divorce, I decided to go back to my career. I dedicated my most special years with my boys."

The Puerto Rican beauty queen came back in the Philippines to endorse Beverly Hills 6750, a cosmetic surgery clinic aiming to boost medical tourism in the Philippines. "I'm so excited to be back," said Yari during her Startalk interview last November 11.

Still dazzling at 32, Yari pointed out that "the project [Beverly Hills 6750] came at the right time, the right moment. [It is] perfect for my schedule and because I truly believe in the project. At the same time, it brings medical tourism in the Philippines."






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