'Mga diyosa yung mga kasama ko'--Angel Aquino

Angel Aquino, 33, is a celebrity in her own right. She is one of the most famous models in the country. She has appeared in grand fashion shoots, and her classic morena looks have long been seen in print and billboard ads. In addition, her foray into movies has been more than modestly successful. In this year's Cinemalaya film festival, she was named best actress for Donsol. And in the second Asian Marine Film Festival, the jurors took notice of her outstanding performance as a breast-cancer patient and dubbed her the "Ingrid Bergman of Asia."

Despite these achievements, Angel says she was starstruck in the presence of the three gorgeous women she has just worked with in a shampoo commercial. "Mga diyosa yung kasama ko!" she gushes.

She is referring to Gretchen Barretto, Ruffa Gutierrez, and Dawn Zulueta---movie and television stars who are also product endorsers. "They were all stars. Ako nga, sobra akong starstruck nung andun ako."


She adds: "Ako, gandang-ganda ako kay Gretchen. Actually, sa kanilang tatlo."

On November 28, she was asked by reporters covering a Donsol event, to reveal how they were blocked for the ad. Playing coy, Angel says, "Panoorin n'yo yung commercial, makikita n'yo yung blocking namin."

She explains: "Kasi pinagpalit-palit kami e. Merong napunta si Ruffa sa gitna, may napunta si Gretchen sa gitna. Mamaya si Dawn nasa gitna."

With all the publicity that their shampoo commercial is receiving, Angel does not need to ask people to watch it. Already, the tiff that ensued between two of the four girls, Dawn and Gretchen, has made the commercial one of the most anticipated in years.

To this, Angel says she was not even aware there was anything the matter between or among them. "Hindi ko alam kung saan nag-umpisa. Siguro kasi may nag-spark, kaya ayan, may malaki ng fire... Noong nagsu-shoot kami, wala akong napansing alitan o inggitan na nangyari. Until the end, ang alam ko magkakaibigan kami. Walang palitan ng maaanghang na salita [during the shoot]."


Asked to give her message to Dawn and Gretchen, Angel chirped: "It's Christmastime. Let's all be friends. Christmas is a time for forgiveness and coming together. Let's all be friends—magkukumare na lang tayo. I'd love to be friends with all three of them. I think they're so much fun to be with."


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