Iwa and PJ, silent treatment

"Good boy naman po talaga ako," says PJ Valerio on this issue.

“Less talk, less mistakes,” is PJ Valerio’s motto nowadays.

Just two weeks ago, the young actor and his Posh (GMA-7’s youth-oriented program) co-star Iwa Moto had a fiery exchange of words in their interviews—each refuting the other’s statement.

The issue: Iwa allegedly challenged PJ to a “one night stand.”

Iwa weeps in a taped S-Files interview on November 26, “Okay lang sa akin sabihing maldita, pasaway. Ginagawa mo yun sa mahal mo, hindi sa kakilala mo lang. Hindi po ako gagawa ng ganung bagay na ikakasira ng ulo ng pamilya ko.”

PJ rebuts Iwa during the live portion of the show, “Inaya po ako [ni Iwa] nang pabiro. Kaya di ko po alam kung bakit nya dine-deny.”

PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) spots both stars at the Walk of Fame Philippines first year anniversary on November 30 in Eastwood City, Libis. The two are seated a table away from each other.

Now, both camps are keeping mum.

“No comment po,” says Iwa about PJ’s presence in the said event. “No more na. ‘Wag na [pag-usapan]. Kasi masyado ng… Baka kapag nagsalita pa ako, humaba pa. Tapusin na lang.”

Iwa adds that she is there for another reason, “I’m here to watch [the program], especially [to watch] my boyfriend." Iwa’s boyfriend, Yexel, is one of the performers.

PJ—who was at the affair to escort Mona Lisa upon German “Kuya Germs” Moreno’s request—is also keeping silent about the matter.

“Parang medyo awkward,” says PJ about Iwa being a few feet away from him. “Pero okay lang.”

He says this is not their first encounter since the controversy erupted: “Kahapon po sa taping ng Posh [nagkita kami]… Medyo may tension [pero] okay lang po.”

He also admits that they are not on speaking terms.

“Less talk, less mistakes,” he ends.


Off hand, PEP's comment is that PJ is right. He had better talk less.

Especially because he ought to know better than to drop a bombshell like that about a girl he is friends with. Since he himself admits that the whole one-night invitation was a joke, why did he bring it out---where it could be misunderstood? If he and Iwa were co-stars who had no bad blood between them, and if they were jesting as friends, in the company of friends---why in the world did he bring it out where non-friends would not know the context? Did he not for one minute think it would hurt Iwa's reputation? Is he naive, or what?

Since the answers to those seem not to be forthcoming, yes, it's best that the boy talks less and less and less.





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