Carla Humphries mum on Janus del Prado issue

"Sa totoo lang, hindi pa kami okey," Janus says about his former girlfriend, Carla Humphries. "Naiilang na ako whenever she's there. Pero siya, she acts as if parang wala kaming naging problema."

Here's the way it goes.

At the Shake, Rattle, and Roll 8 press conference on December 1, Janus denies rumors—allegedly spread by former girlfriend Carla Humphries—that he was the one who ended the relationship and that he was “babaero.”

"It was Carla who broke up with me," clarifies the young actor. "Out of the blue, she said na she wasn't happy with me. Nagtaka naman ako because since nag-Qpids kami at naging kami, walang naging problema. More than a year kaming naging mag-on tapos out of the blue, she would say na hindi na siya happy." Qpids is ABS-CBN reality loveteam search where they met.

Last night at The Gaupo Shoe Collection launch held at The Peninsula Manila, Makati City, PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) asks for Carla’s reaction to Janus’s statements.

“I’m told not to comment about it,” remarks Carla Humphries.

(The assumption made by the press whenever a star drops a line like this is that anyone or all of the people charged with handling her career has given the advice. "Not to comment" is the safest and fastest way for a star to get out of a sticky situation. Star handlers know that when they want an issue to die, often because the publicity is negative for their star, their instant advice will be, Just say 'no comment.')

When asked if she has heard or read about the statements made by Janus at the Shake, Rattle, Roll 8 press conference, Carla simply nods.

In the ABS-CBN youth-oriented show Abt Ur Luv, she is paired with model-turned-actor Victor Basa. The young actress clarifies that she is not involved with anyone at the moment.

“No one. I don’t plan to get a boyfriend anytime soon,” she ends.





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