Gretchen: I'm not ready for reconciliation

"Yes, I miss the good times," says Gretchen, referring to the days when she and her younger sisters Claudine and Marjorie were on good terms.

Could the Christmas season and controversy finally end the Barretto sisters’ squabble?

MISSING CLAUDINE AND MARJORIE. Two weeks earlier, Gretchen Barretto sobs during her telephone interview with Cristy Fermin. She admits that she misses her sisters Claudine and Marjorie now that she is up against people calling her a prima donna.

“Tinutukso ako ni Dominique [Gretchen’s daughter with partner Tony Boy Cojuangco] after [the Cristy interview]," says Gretchen in The Buzz yesterday. “[Dominique said] ‘Mom, you’re like fighting fighting, and what’s that: I miss Claudine and Marjorie?’ Tinutukso niya ako, tapos pag-uwi ng daddy niya, sinumbong! ‘Mom is so emotional! My god! You should hear her!’ Minsan tuloy nahihiya ako.”

When asked what Dominique felt or thought about her aunts, Gretchen simply says, “Alam mo hindi niya sasabihin sa akin. I guess she’s sensitive kung anong pinagdaanan namin, so hindi niya mine-mention.”

A calmer Gretchen reiterates that she does miss the good times. “Ang hirap naman sagutin niyan paulit-ulit. Pero ‘pag naaalala ko ‘yong—ayan na, ayoko umiyak—‘pag naaalala ko ‘yong good times, siyempre nami-miss ko. But I don’t wanna cry. ‘Pag pinaalala talaga sa akin anything from the past, iiyak ako.”

CLAUDINE'S PREGNANCY. “She told my friend Ana [Abiera, a former actress] that she’d want me to see her baby, and I’ll definitely see her baby,” says Gretchen.

She also says that news reached her that Claudine said that “ang kaaway ng kapatid ko, kaaway ko rin.”

La Greta (one of her monikers) laughs: “Natawa ako! Narinig ko ‘yon, na aawayin nga niya ‘yong kalaban ko. Sabi ko, ‘Hindi ko muna babatiin si Claudine. Kawawa naman ‘yong kaaway ko. Baka makalbo!’”

She adds on a more serious note, “Ayokong may kaaway din ‘yong mga kapatid ko dahil nasa controversy ako. I want to deal with every situation or every intriga in a mature way. Hindi na ‘yong lahat ng away papatulan.”


COLD CHRISTMAS? “I get emotional when I talk about them,” answers Gretchen when asked for a Christmas message for her sisters. “I just wish them well. That’s it. Happy na ako doon.”

Will there be a reconciliation soon?

“Hindi pa, I don’t think,” ponders the comebacking actress. “Alam mo, this is an emotion. Hindi ‘to mali. I wanna go through the missing part. I’m not ready for the reconciliation part… I guess kailangang respetuhin ng tao ‘yong emotion ng bawat isa.”

She explains, “Mas mahirap may mangyari dahil andaming nakabantay. Maraming tumitingin and I don’t want that. Gusto ko ‘pag nangyari, walang makakaalam. Hindi na dapat ipagsigawan sa mundo.”

Gretchen isn’t closing doors though.

She ends: “Kung mangyayari, mangyayari siyempre.”





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