DJ Mo: MTRCB/KBP should monitor everybody

DJ Mo says "Forbidden Questions" is "all in the spirit of fun"

A few days after John "Sweet" Lapus guested in Good Times, the controversial radio show of DJ Mo Twister, the Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster ng Pilipinas (KBP) chairman Jun Nicdao issued a statement that the board is studying whether a case should be filed against the show.

"Depende kung anong mga nabanggit na mga kataga doon," says Jun Nicdao in an interview with TV Patrol that aired on December 15. "Baka nagbanggit nga sila ng vulgar and may sexual innuendo. Nasasaad sa ating code, those are prohibited to air."

In the December 13 episode, DJ Mo invited Sweet to play his "Forbidden Questions" game. One of the questions asked by DJ Mo is "Are you a top or a bottom?" Sweet proclaimed that he was a virgin.

PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) got DJ Mo's opinion on the MTRCB and KBP monitoring the show.

"They should monitor everybody," says DJ Mo (Mohan Gumatay in real life). "I really don't see the difference between my show and a lot of other radio shows, especially morning shows. Kasi morning shows are very edgy, 'no. I don't really see a big difference between my show and a lot of other shows. I think the real big pressing issue is the publicity we get. We get a lot of publicity. We have high-profile guests on the show. I think that's what separates us from other programs. Talagang hindi naman nagge-guest ang mga artista sa FM radio e, kasi it's music.


"You know, when you have a Lolit Solis come in your show and answer very big questions about the industry, when you have, like, big celebrities like Jericho [Rosales] or Donita Rose, you know, Troy Montero... They come on the program. They talk about the industry and their opinion. I see why it's interesting. I see why people wanna listen."

He ends: "Now, about ethics, I don't think we're doing anything different from what other radio stations are doing. It's just we get a lot more attention."





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