Regine Valasquez: "It's all in the past"

Asia's Songbird Regine Velasquez (pictured) reconciles with estranged friend Bing Loyzaga.

On Christmas eve, Regine Velasquez granted S-Files a live interview via phone patch, where she verified reports that she and Bing Loyzaga saw each other at the SOP Christmas party.

That was the first time Regine and Bing saw each other after more than a year. The two had a falling out because of an incident that happened at the backstage of SOP a year ago.

Asia's Songbird said: "Ang sinasabi ni Bing, may nangyari sa aming dalawa, which I don't want to discuss anymore because that's in the past. Whatever it was, I don't want to say anything. They've been asking me talaga to have an interview. It's between me and Bing.

"Ayoko ko na to discuss anything about it. We're now friends. I got the chance to talk to her. We're okay. It's all in the past. We don't have to discuss it. Kung kami nga, hindi na kailangang pag-usapan, bakit ko pa kailangang i-discuss with the whole world? Bakit kailangang ibulalas sa buong mundo?"


Several times in the past, Regine has denied having a relationship with Janno Gibbs, Bing's estranged husband. "Bing didn't link me naman kay Janno. I saw the whole interview, and she didn't say anything about that. Janno and I never had a relationship. We are friends."

She continued: "I saw her interview in another channel and I was very touched... Right now, I think Bing is nasa point siya ng life niya na she's healing herself. She's gone through a lot. I know that. I wanna give her time to heal. Tama na yun. Hayaan na muna natin siya."

Regine closed the issue with: "If ever we [she and Bing] talk again, I am not going to have a press con and tell everybody that we've talked about it because that is going to be between me and her. It's between friends. Paano namin maayos talaga kung ano yung dapat naming ayusin? I'm happy because she's the one who reached out. We're okay. Okay na kami. I'm so thankful din."


Regine is just one of the many women once linked, wrongly or rightly, to Janno Gibbs. Other names that surfaced in the past were Cristine Reyes and Jaya. Bing Loyzaga is currently separated from Janno Gibbs but their marriage has yet to be annulled.

The SOP host is celebrating Christmas with her family in Bulacan. She said: "I'm with my family. I'm here in Bulacan. My whole family is gonna be here. Dito lang kami. Kumakain kami nang madami. Private time for us."

Asked what message she has for Bing, Regine answered: "Have a happy life. If you need me, I'll be here for you."





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