Tetchie Agbayani uses reverse psychology on DJ Mo's "Forbidden Questions"

Tetchie Agbayani reveals losing her virginity at the age of 17 on DJ Mo Twister's "Forbidden Questions."

Way too intelligent si Tetchie Agbayani for the "40 Forbidden Questions" segment ng Good Times With Mo ni DJ Mo Twister.

From a Playboy model to a respective academe and PhD holder in Psychology, Tetchie took the seat last Wednesday and showed her mastery sa kanyang chosen career. It became a battle of wits and reverse psychology between her and the two hosts, DJ Mo and Mojo Jojo, that the only way to end it is a forced tapped out question.

Bago pa man sumalang si Tetchie, nag-comment na si Mo sa possibility na baka "the more intelligent the guest, the lesser answered questions" dahil they are bound to think longer before answering. Sa mga naunang phone-in comments, most agreed sa theory ni Mo. Although everyone is rooting for a perfect score, malamang na mag-20 to 25 lang daw si Tetchie kapag nagsimula na ang tanungan.

Maganda ang panimulang interview with Tetchie and Mo sparring it out with their typecast labels, si Mo being "controversial" because of his radio show and si Tetchie being "the Playboy model" kahit na in the ‘80s pa siya nag-pose for the said international magazine.

SAFE AND WORDY. Lumabas ang pagiging safe and wordy ni Tetchie nang actual question-and-answer na dahil although she gives out a lot of explanation per question, she never gave actual answers—a perfect reverse psychology.

Ilan lang sa mga tanong sa kanya ang may definite answers.

She never had a girl crush kahit napakarami nang naibigay na examples nina Mo and Mojo Jojo.

Never siyang nagkaroon ng indecent proposal dahil she never projected herself "as someone who is available."

She prefers GMA-7 over ABS-CBN dahil she is currently with the Kapuso Network—she plays the mother of Ian de Leon in Super Twins—as she "loves the one she have now."

She lost her virginity when she was 17 years old.


She likes to sunbathe in the nude, something she never revealed in any of her interviews.

Si Juliana Palermo ang sa tingin ni Tetchie na pwedeng sumunod sa kanya as the next Pinay model for Playboy.

MOST EXPLOSIVE REVELATION. Ang most explosive revelation niya was her near encounter with fellow actress Elizabeth Oropesa when she was just starting in the business. Sa isang party ng isang prominent actress she attended upon the invitation of a producer back when she was just 17 years old, nilapitan daw siya ni La Oropesa to tell her upfront that she is not a welcome guest dahil ayaw siya ng celebrator. Never na raw silang nag-usap since then, although nagkasama na rin sila sa ilang projects through the years.

The rest of the questions, vague explanation lang ang binigay ni Tetchie.

Sa tanong na most plastic person in showbiz, instead of naming names, she re-defined the term "plasticity in showbiz" as something na "inherent" sa lahat ng showbiz denizens dahil it is "a form of diplomacy" pa rin daw.

Sa worst billboard in EDSA, those with models na may "constipated look" kung saan "they pout yet their eyes are blank." Wala ring ibinigay na example si Tetchie when asked for one, tingnan na lang daw ang lahat ng billboards and look for that constipated look.

MYSTERY ACTOR. Humaba ang tanungan sa Question No. 14: Actor who hit on her. Tetchie started with a story, then a theory at umabot sa pahulaan. Recently lang daw ito nangyari when a senior actor who also has a showbiz son, but not that active, who expressed his admiration towards her nang nagkasama sila sa isang project.

Hindi lang daw dito natapos ang admiration dahil tumawag pa ang senior actor sa kanya to tell it to her. Para ma-reverse psychology niya ang actor in awe with her, tinawag niya itong "tito." No amount of cajoling and a threat to forced tap out made Tetchie divulge on the identity of the senior actor.


Wina-warning-an na siya ni Mo na kapag hindi ibinigay ang pangalan ng senior actor, mata-tap out siya. But Tetchie smoothly made it appear that she has given several clues already for Mo to move along with the questioning at umabot pa nga ang tanungan hanggang Question No. 18.

TAP OUT. Mo got wise on her by that time by asking her a definitely hard question usually reserved in the latter part of the game—famous person she slept with. Tetchie immediately tapped out ending the "40 Forbidden Questions" with 17 answers of mostly scholastic explanations and nothing else.

She is just two answers shy of the guest who answered the least, si Antoinette Taus at 15. For the entire pedagogue outlook Tetchie exhibited, it was just but a ride and everyone was taken for it. Fortunately, Mo knows how to saddle and rein a horse going nowhere.

Definitely, Tetchie is among the really A-list guests the Magic radio show recently had, but unfortunately, she is ranked as one of the worst guests of "40 Forbidden Question," alongside Hero Angeles and Jake Roxas. Aptly observed by one of the regular listeners sa Pinoy Exchange thread ng radio show, "lesson learned from this is never guest a Psych major."

Ito ang huling "40 Forbidden Questions" ni Mo for the time being as he takes a two-week vacation para magpunta sa United States. He will be temporarily be replaced by the comebacking DJ Logan (KDL) and Slick Rick, still together with Mojo Jojo.





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