Roxanne Guinoo being blamed for Meryll-Bernard split

"Hindi ko alam na parang ako pala ‘yong naging cause. Hindi ko alam na ako pala ‘yong tinuturo," says Roxanne Guinoo (middle) about a rumor that she is the cause of the split-up between Bernard Palanca and Meryll Soriano.

A couple of weeks passed since Meryll Soriano and Bernard Palanca split up. Even though the two have kept mum about the reason of their said separation, a name was dragged into the picture—Roxanne Guinoo.

The young actress was said to have had relations with the actor.

In an interview with The Buzz, Roxanne admitted that Bernard once expressed interest on her.

She explained, "Oo nagparamdam ‘yan na, nag-text sa akin ‘yang si Bernard, pero before pa sila ikasal. Sabi ko, ayokong ma-trouble dito. ‘Yong tinext ako, na-flatter din naman ako. Masarap din ‘yong feeling, pero alam ko na committed ‘yong tao. Lumugar naman ako. Kahit si Bernard alam 'yan."

Roxanne also denied having anything to do with the couple's break-up.

"Hindi ko alam na parang ako pala ‘yong naging cause. Hindi ko alam na ako pala ‘yong itinuturo... ‘Yong issue nila ni Ate Meryll, out ako doon. Ayoko mangialam dahil sarili nilang buhay ‘yan. Di naman siya [Bernard] nagsasabi ng kahit ano tungkol kay Ate Meryll," she said.


The young star also clarified, "Hindi kami nagkaroon ng thing or anything [ni Bernard]. Kahit ano at all, wala. Hindi kami nagkikita ni Bernard. Wala kaming communication and nagbago na rin ako ng number. Sa taong nagpi-feed ng mga kung ano-ano diyan, tingnan n'yo rin muna pagkatao ninyo..."

In a separate interview, The Buzz asked Meryll if she knew Roxanne.

Meryll simply answered, "Sino si Roxanne Guinoo? Sorry, hindi ko siya kilala."

Roxanne was a runner-up in the first-ever Star Circle Quest, where Hero Angeles was declared winner. She was also romantically involved with co-SCQ finalist Joross Gamboa but the two broke up last year.

Roxanne and Joross co-host with Charlene Gonzalez in the ABS-CBN weekend lifestyle show At Home Ka Dito.


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