"Forbidden Questions" tackles politics with Rico J. Puno

Rico J. Puno thinks Richard Gomez is too raw to become a senator: "He doesn't have the experience."

Despite the absence of its main deejay—Mo Twister—King DJ Logan, Mojo Jojo, and Teta were still able to get juicy answersfrom the radio show Good Times celebrity guest for today's "Forbidden Questions"—singer-politician Rico J. Puno.

Puno, who answered 37 out of 40 questions, got serious whenquestions about politics were thrown at him.

First, he was asked who is the most corruptpolitician for him. The Makati counciloranswered vaguely, "Most corrupt is, of course, the one now in administration."Then, he added, "They say it's the First Gentleman [Mike Arroyo], I don't knowif that's true."

One of the DJs asked, "Sinong artista ang ayaw mongmakita sa politics?" Rico answered without hesitation, "Si Richard [Gomez] nga ayoko. I hope he changes his mind."

The singer further explained, "Kasi, first of all, he doesn't havethe experience."

He also added that Richard should have started running for administrative office, like the mayoralty post, before vying for the legislativeoffice.

"Making laws is different... You know, minsan mas makakasira doon sa ibana qualified kung tumakbo, kapag pinilit pa," said Rico J.

Puno, however, clarified that there's nothing personal to hiscomments. He just thought that, "Ifyou're serious about entering the politics, maski na mas mababa ng kauntiroon—maski na barangay tanod, pwedenaman."

When asked who is the most plastic politician for him, Ricoanswered Senator Lito Lapid. "I hope he doesn't mind this, si Lito Lapid kasi he was elected assenator for six years, pagkatapos he wants to go to Makati and tell people,tell the mayor [Jejomar Binay], he wants to continue what he is doing today inMakati.

He added, "Bakit mo naman itutuloy 'yong ginagawa nung tao... How aboutyour moral obligation being a senator? People have voted for you, may moral obligation ka roon. Why do you haveto go to Makati and pursue your dreams? If you really want to help people, whydon't you satisfy the people who voted for you for senator? Sa akin, plastic 'yon." (Senator Lapid, who placed 11th during the May 2004 elections, is supposed to serve until 2010 to complete the one six-year term.)


On the lighter side of politics, Puno was asked who among thepoliticians would he want to date. He had a hard time recalling the name of the congresswoman, but he got alittle help from the DJs when they mentioned the name of General Santos City RepresentativeDarlene Antonino-Custodio—the possible contender of boxing champ Manny Pacquiao.

Puno described Rep. Custodio: "'Yon, palaban 'yon! I likeher. 'Tsaka I like her size,balingkinitan. She talks reallyintelligently. I think she's awildcat."

After that, the singer was also asked about the current political candidates who havethe worst theme song/advertising campaign. Puno dropped the name of "Rep. Prospero Pichay."

He said, "Di ko maintindihan ‘yong kay Pichay. Actually, walang sound pero sayang... Sanamas makagawa pa siya ng mas maganda."

Here are the other intriguing questions that Puno anwered, which the deejays think the tabloid writers would also pickup:

Who is the overrated recording artist today? "SiWillie Revillame hindi dapat mag-music 'yon. 'Yon nga, nagagalit si Yoyoy Revillame kasi 'yon ang style n'ya e. He should not be singing, mas magandangnaghu-host siya. Si [Lito Camo] angmagaling doon, 'yong composer niya siyempre."

Who is showbiz's most plastic person? "Ako, si NonoyZuñiga. Kasi hanggang ngayon 'di pa niyasinasabi na tatakbo siyang vice mayor sa Makati, e kaibigan ko siya, laginaman kaming magkasama. Ano ba naman 'yong sabihin sa akin na, ‘Pare, pupuntaako sa inyo, ha? I'm running for someposition.'"

Who is the "feeling sikat" celebrity? "Si April BoyRegino, buti wala na dito yun. Maskina walang humahawi sa kanya, may ‘hawi boys' 'yon. Dati si Willie Revillame, buti sumikat [siya]."

Puno also admitted that he has already slept with a lot ofwomen. According to him, he paid asmuch as P10, 000 for a woman. The cheapest rate was, "Pang-taxi lang may chewinggum pang kasama 'yon!"

The Makati City councilor reportedly filed his Certificate of Candidacy for the senatorial race last February 9.





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