Rica Peralejo flattered by Vilma Santos's approval of her

"Kasiit's inevitable naman na may ibang tao na hindi magkakagusto sa ginagawa mo, diba? If you keep on ceoncentrating on those things then you‘re never gonna getanywhere. You're going to always berate yourself also di ba," says Rica about being compared to Vilma Santos.

"Para kang karinderyang bukas salahat ng gustong kumain!" says a feisty Fina (Vilma Santos) to Ditas(Dina Bonnevie) in the '80s film Palimos ng Pag-ibig. The film,directed by Eddie Garcia, also starred Edu Manzano and Cherie Gil.

Two decades later, ABS-CBN buys the rightsto make the hit movie into a teleserye billed as Sineserye Presents:Palimos ng Pag-ibig.

Rica Peralejo was chosen to reprise thecharacter of Fina, originally played by Vilma. Some fans of the Star of All Seasonsreportedly disagreed that Rica is fit to "replace" Vilma in the TV version.

"Vilmanians, no, behave. Okay lang ‘yon. Karangalan natin ‘yon. Walanamang personal sa akin ‘yong storya," saya Vilma Santos in an interview with TVPatrol.

The Lipa City Mayor adds, "Rica is a good actress. Good luck, Rica! [Ihope you] do well! Maganda ang movie na iyan. You're a good actress naman."

Rica is very happy to hear that Vilma approves of her.


"Siyempre, sobra pong flattering ‘yon kasi alam naman natinglahat how—not only because of the star she is—she is also a very good actress.Dami-dami na niyang awards, ganoon, and it's what she's done all throughout hercareer na nagpu-prove na her word matters and may weight ‘yon," says Rica.

She explains, "For her to give out a good statement naparang to my favor, sobra na talagang pagka-bless ko doon. Hindi lang ‘yongrole, di ba? The role comes with people who support Vilma Santos also and herwork."

Rica also says that the pressure is on her to do well in herportrayal of Fina.

"Of course, it always comes to question when you're tofollow a bigger star, big star talaga. Kumbaga, if you were to follow or dosomething na ginawa na niya before so parang maku-compare at makoucompare katalaga e. Other people won't approve of you," she admits.

"What matters to me is that ‘yong original na gumawa, meronna siyang, kumbaga, may blessing. More than anything else, it's the blessing ofthat person that you seek for. It's not the approval of many, but you know, theoriginal player kumbaga," she says.


In the TV version of Palimos ng Pag-ibig, Rica plays the role of Fina, a richdoctor. Before her wedding to Rodel (Diether Ocampo), she finds out that sheis barren and decides to keep this as a secret. Rodel wants nothing in theworld but to be a father.

Conflict arises when Rodel finds out thathis wife cannot give him children. He seeks the services of a babymaker,Ditas (Kristine Hermosa). Ditas does not only conceive a baby for Rodel butengages in a relationship with him as well.

Rica admits that playing Fina's characterchallenged her.

"‘Yon nga sabi ko, this is really acting becauseit's so far from who I am. It's very, very far from who I am. That's why I knowthat if may pagkakataon na umarte talaga ako, eto ‘yon. Hindi kasi siya ako inany way," says the Palimos ng Pag-ibig star.


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