Belo Medical Group denies Hope's allegations

Belo Medical Group owner Dr. Vicki Belo—through her lawyer Atty. Raymond Fortun—denies the possibility of having "sexual acts" inside the clinic.

Belo Medical Group owner Dr. Vicki Belo—through her lawyer Atty. Raymond Fortun—issued a statement regarding the allegations of Hope, a former Belo employee, that her sexual acts with cager James Yap happened inside their clinic.

In a taped interview on TV Patrol World last night, February 23, Fortun said, "Belo Medical group is further conducting an investigation on information that these rumors are from the dirty handywork of third parties or [a] disgruntled former Belo Medical Group employee."

Although Fortun admitted that Hope used to work at the Belo clinic, he contradicted the girl's claim that her alleged sexual acts with Kris's husband happened in one of the clinic's cubicles. The lawyer explained, "'Yong pong mga lugar na iyan sinasarado ito sa tamang oras. Once that everybody is out, nila-lock po 'yan at meron pong mga security guards at security personnel."

The lawyer also said that Hope was just inventing stories, "The employee [Hope], prior to her resignation from the company, had in fact denied that such a relationship existed."

Meanwhile, the Belo Medical Group expresses its all-out support to Kris Aquino and her husband James.

At press time, Kris is still confined at the Makati Medical Center for a doctor-prescribed complete bed rest. She was rushed to the hospital last Thursday afternoon, February 22, because of false labor, which may have been caused by stress.

Hope, on the other hand, had an exclusive interview with Startalk host Lolit Solis, which will be aired this afternoon. The former Belo employee is expected to reveal more details about her alleged relationship with James.





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