PBB housemates give up their liberty on "freedom day"

Three of Pinoy Big Brother Season 2 housemates, (from left): "Hip-hop Dancing King" Mickey, "Cheering Chick" Gee-Ann, and "Australian hottie" Ezekiel.

Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) housemates give up their liberty as well as their privacy on freedom day.

The show's pilot episode coincided with the 21st anniversary of the EDSA revolution. More than two decades ago, the Filipino people converged on the main thoroughfare for four days of nonviolent mass demonstrations against the authoritarian regime of former President Ferdinand Marcos.

To start off the show, former Pinoy Dream Academy (PDA) scholars Davey Langit, Eman Abatayo, Panky Trinindad, and Yvan Lamabatan (now collectively known as the band Cebalo) performed their rendition of the PBB theme song "Pinoy Ako."

For two hours last night, February 25, PBB host Toni Gonzaga introduced six of the fourteen housemates to be scrutinized by the public over the next 126 days. Meanwhile, a very hyper Mariel Rodriguez showed off the "new and improved" bahay ni Kuya, which was redesigned by the students of the Philippine School of Interior Design (PSID).

The former house had only 27 cameras but the newly designed one now boasts of 42 cameras and 42 microphones. Jim Pambid, adviser of the PSID students, describes the interior as a "combination of modern pop art."

After being suspended in the air for several minutes via a harness, Mariel dropped in to do reconnaissance on Kuya's house. She explored all of the rooms of the house-the boys' bedroom, the girls' bedroom, and the bathroom. There was a Jacuzzi inside the bathroom, prompting her to utter, "May spa pa!"

Since the theme that night was military-inspired, the University of the Philippines' Vanguards ROTC corps were tapped to provide their services as escorts to the new housemates. The mysterious housemates were transported from Crowne Plaza Hotel in Ortigas Center to Big Brother's house in Quezon City via a military truck. They were also shrouded in camouflage-designed cloaks.

Jayson Gainza, himself a former PBB housemate, instructed the new housemates to jump from the military truck before unveiling them to the waiting public. Bianca Gonzales, who participated in the PBB Celebrity Edition, met the housemates briefly before turning them over to Toni and Mariel, who was assigned to handcuff the housemates prior to their entrance to Big Brother's house.


FIRST BATCH. Housemate no. 1 is dubbed as the "Australian hottie" who claims to possess a "pusong Pinoy." Ezekiel is now 21-years old and has the potential to be a deejay with his knowledge of mixing and scratching. He is obsessed with the online game World of Warcraft and says that he can play the game up to 15 hours at a time, but he now averages only six hours for now.

The ex-PDA finalist and commercial model Wendy is the second housemate to be presented to the public. The 24-year old "hot commercial babe" hails from Navotas and was named as 1st runner up and Bb. Pilipinas Tourism during the prestigious beauty pageant held in 2005.

Nel a.k.a. "Mr. Perfect" is a graduating nursing student who claims to have had nine girlfriends and six flings. This is no mean feat at the ripe old age of 25. This self-confessed ladies' man believes that women are attracted to him because of his "exotic beauty." Nel's parents are both police officers and they come from the province of Iloilo.

Also coming from the Visayas region is Saicy, dubbed as the "Samba Dance Diva." The 23-year-old education graduate hopes to use her dancing skills to aid her disadvantaged family.

Gee-Ann is the typical kolehiyala with a rather uncommon hobby—she takes care of her dolls and stuffed toys like her very own children. Known as the "Cheering Chick," she was given the option by Big Brother to bring one of her "children," inside the house. After contemplating for several moments, she chose her eldest, the fifteen-year old doll "Pamela" as her companion.

Lastly, the half-Austrian, half-Pinoy Mickey was ushered onstage but he couldn't understand what the hosts were talking about since he doesn't speak Tagalog or English! In order to communicate with him, they employed an interpreter to talk to him in German. The 22-year old native of Switzerland, dubbed as the "Hip Hop Dancing King," wants to open a dance school in the country someday.


Although the housemates have given up their liberty as well as their privacy, in exchange, they get the chance to win the grand prize: a house and lot from Globe Asiatec, a kitchen showcase, a brand new car, a business franchise from Crystal Clear water, package tours, as well as the P1 million cash prize.

For their first task, the six housemates—Ezekiel, Wendy, Nel, Saicy, Gee-Ann, and Mickey—were instructed to find the keys to their handcuffs, which were distributed among them. They certainly had a hard time communicating with Mickey since none of them could speak German.

When Kuya decides it's time, the Basketball Hunk, Diskarte Queen, Lovable Sweetheart, Prodigal Son, Good Son, and Sassy Girl will soon enter the house to join the first batch of housemates.





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