Ruffa denies snubbing Dawn at the YES! and PEP party

Ruffa Gutierrez (right) and Dawn Zulueta both attended the YES! 7th anniversary party and PEP's grand launch last February 28 at the NBC Tent, The Fort. Ruffa, who was with Gretchen Barretto that night, denied reports that she snubbed Dawn. "It cameout nga daw na parang Gretchen [Barretto] and I were like mean girls and pinagtulungannamin si Dawn, which is not true! Ba't ko naman siya pagtutulungan?" says Ruffa.

In an interview with PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal)earlier today, March 8, Ruffa Gutierrez denies snubbing Dawn Zulueta at the YES!7th anniversary party cum PEP launch last February 28 at the NBC Tent.

Ruffa clears the air, "I didn't watch the [showbiz talk]shows last weekend, so I didn't know what came out. I was busy working. It cameout nga daw na parang Gretchen [Barretto] and I were like mean girls and pinagtulungannamin si Dawn, which is not true! Ba't ko naman siya pagtutulungan?"

Gretchen is a known close friend of Ruffa, and aknown non-friend of Dawn.

IN THE MIDDLE. Gretchen and Dawn had a spat after thetwo, along with Ruffa and Angel Aquino, had a photo shoot for Previewmagazine's December cover and a shoot for a shampoo commercial.

The feud was sparked by blind items thatclearly pointed to Gretchen as the "prima donna" among the four.Gretchen blamed Dawn for the leaks to the press.

Several reporters turned to Ruffa for thereal story behind the controversy, but she kept silent. Ruffa remained neutraland would always say that both, Gretchen and Dawn, are her friends.

At the YES! and PEP party, Gretchen andDawn allegedly snubbed each other.

Again, Ruffa is left in the middle.

"If you see Dawn's interviews, you'llalways see na ‘[Si] Ruffa I consider a friend.' When that whole issue came out,I could've said all the things that I knew about their fight, but I kept mymouth shut kasi it's not my fight. It's not my battle. I have my own problems..."asserts the Philippine's Next Top Model host.

Ruffa explains what happened during the party.

She recounts, "In the beginning kasi hindiko siya nakita when I walked in. Parang she was there, but I didn't see her.

"Alam n'yo po naman talaga nagpa-laser napo ako ng mata, baka kailangan ko nang magpa-laser ulit, kasi hindi ko talagasiya nakita. Alam n'yo namang talagang bulag ako since I was 13, and with thelights, talagang I really didn't see her.


"We were talagang in separate tables, butafter I received my BRAVO! Award, siyempre tinuloy-tuloy ko na ‘yongpagka-kawanggawa ko. Tumuloy ako kay Dawn. I went to her table. I kissed Dawn, nagkuwentuhan kami, and you know, parang walang nangyaritalaga."

(YES! editor-in-chief Jo-Ann Maglipon describes the award: "The BRAVO awardis named after a section in YES! magazine that features the good workthat stars do—not for anything they stand to gain from, not for more fame, notfor more money—but for others. The award is thus given to the star who, thoseof us in YES! believe, most consistently and outstandingly performedacts of selflessness and generosity for the year.")

Ruffa continues, "I said [to Dawn] ‘Hi!How are you?' And then after the event, I texted Dawn pa. I said, ‘You'relooking nice. Pumayat ka na. I'm so happy that we were able to talk aftereverything that happened.'

"And then nag-text back siya sa akin. Angsabi niya, ‘You know Ruffa, we're cool. We don't have a problem.' Sabi niya,‘You're looking gorgeous as ever. I hope when the time comes, we'll be able toreconnect and hang out together again.' Parang ganoon, she said something likethat.

"And then, 'ayun tinext ko siya. Sabi ko,‘Happy birthday! Baka we can even organize the next celebrity bazaar together.'Kasi for my first celebrity bazaar, she really helped me. Talagang tumulongsiya and, you know, she donated her time and her effort.

"Wala talaga akong problema kayDawn," Ruffa stresses.





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