Michael de Mesa and son Ryan Eigenmann react to coffee table book idea

Father and son Michael de Mesa (right) and Ryan Eigenmann are a bit apprehensiveabout posing for a sexy coffee table book.

Unlike his stoic character in the indie film Baliw,Ryan Eigenmann was all-smiles last March 22 at Cinema 1 of Robinsons Galleria. Hisfamily and friends were all there to attend the first-ever showing of Baliw,Ryan's follow-up project after appearing in the blockbuster hit ThePromise.

His father Michael de Mesa and his mother Gina Alajar made it a pointto attend the premiere, along with Ryan's sibling, AJ. Even his cousinGabby Eigenmann (son of Mark Gil and Irene Celebre) was there to show hissupport for Ryan.

An article posted in PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal)yesterday talked about a possible coffee table book that would feature the malemembers of the Eigenmann clan. When asked about the possibility of posingsexily for the said book, Mark could only exclaim, "Wow! Di ko alam yun!"

He goes on to tell PEP his tips for keeping fit and trim."Well, ako sometimes I play golf, [go] jogging, and ang pinaka-strenuousactivity ko is [playing] Frisbee. I go to the gym once in a while."

For his part, Ryan claims that hedoes not adhere to a strict fitness regimen. "Wala, e. Kain parang karpinterotapos kumain ng alas dose ng madaling-araw, alas dos ulit ng madaling-araw.Tapos ala sais ulit ng madaling araw. Tapos matulog ng alas siyete hanggang alauna ng hapon."

The antagonist of Baliw revealedthat he had just finished doing a pictorial for a coffee table book. "[May]pictorial ako for a coffee table book but it's about tattoos. Hindi namankasama yung buong family ko dun. Pero sana kung mayroon..."

BALIW THE MOVIE. Asidefrom Ryan, Baliw also stars veteran actors Joel Torre and Jaime Fabregasas well as Liza Diño. Ryan plays Angelo Martinez, the so-called baliw characterwho was abused in his childhood—turning him into a cold-blooded killer. The bidaof the story is Michael Fernandez, played by newcomer Joshua Deocareza. Hisparents who are brutally killed in the story are Pablo (Joel) and Amelia(Liza). Jaime is the kind priest Fr. William O'Connor who raises the orphanedMichael.


"Pinapakita dito ni Direk Reddang sitwasyon ng mga batang probinsya na nababaliw dahil sa kakulangan ngmedical attention," explains Ryan about his character Angelo.

His dad Michael agrees with this observation. "The movieshows the result of how it is growing up in a violent surrounding, di ba? Thefilm pretty much tackles how Ryan's character was an abused child and it showsthe result of what happened to the child who grows up."

The first exclusive public screening of Baliw in the country will be on May 23-29, 2007, under IndieSine of Robinsons Galleria.





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