Katrina Halili and Cristine Reyes both face health problems

StarStruck 1 batchmates Katrina Halili (left) and Cristine Reyes are both experiencing problems with their health. Katrina has a lump on her neck that could either be an infection, or worst, a type of cancer. Cristine, on the other hand, has been advised by her doctor to undergo operation for her tonsilitis.

Young sexy actress Katrina Halili may be facing a serious threat to her life right now—the lump found at the right side of her neck may either be a throat infection, or worst, a type of cancer.

Katrina, positive as ever, takes this all in stride.

"Hindi pa na-check, pero sabi, infection or pwedeng cancer," Katrina says. "Feeling ko malayo naman sa cancer kasi...ayoko." With these words she suddenly trails off, but instantly brightens up. "Ayoko mag-isip ng ganoon. Think positive."

She showed the viewers of Startalk the noticeable lump, and Joey De Leon said: "Hinwakan ko kanina yung bukol at malaki nga."

The interview was light-hearted, with Latrina laughing at Joey's jokes, but everyone could not help but notice the worry in Katrina's eyes.

"Hindi po ako kinakabahan, pero ayokong mag-isip din ng ganoon [her condition]," she says.

Then she explained that she's currently taking antibiotics. And if in a few weeks, the lump will still be there, she then has to undergo a biopsy to check if the lump is benign or malignant.

Ironically, her StarStruck batchmate Cristine Reyes, is also facing a health problem. Even though it's only tonsillitis, she still feels the pain and explains the difficulties she's having right now.

"Masakit siya actually," says Cristine. "Dahil sa stress, sa work. So, lahat ng pagod napupunta sa fever. Paminsan-minsan, hindi na ako makahinga."

Cristine, Ara Mina's younger sister, also consulted a doctor who told her to undergo an operation. Complications like difficulty in breathing might take a turn for the worse if she doesn't act immediately.

Right now, Cristine sees the operation as a hurdle to the numerous movie and TV offers she has. The young actress will seek for a third opinion to determine if an operation is really necessary.





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