YES! magazine conducts forum on politics among the stars

Leo Martinez openly admits he is against celebrities who go into politics. He explains, "The three representatives of the industry who are in the Senate—what have they done for the movie industry so far? None. The industry is failing, it's dying. And we haven't heard of any solution sa mga problema."

More and more stars have shifted from showbiz to politics, both in the local and national levels. This May, the election is even more star-studded. For the senatorial post alone, there are twelve—yes, 12—candidates who are associated, in one way or another, with showbiz.

Now, the general belief is that politics in the Philippines has become a popularity contest, particularly in the race for national positions such as the senate. The growing belief is, however, that more and more Filipinos are now less and less welcoming to celebrities running for office.

YES! magazine does a random survey of various stars: Do stars have what it takes to go into politics? Should they run?

Leo Martinez declares: "It's not artistas who run for public office per se I'm against. I distinguish between the executive and the legislative. Sabi ko, una, pag sa executive, like mayor or governor, puwedeng-puwede ang mga artista diyan, kasi managerial skills yan.

"A good housewife is a good manager, a good sari-sari store owner is a good manager. Ang sinasabi ko, 'yong mga magko-congressman at senador. May special training at special education for that kind of job.

"Pangalawa, tatlong artista na ang senador. Mula sa sektor namin, tama na muna 'yon. I'm against dynasties, and that's a form of dynasty. Dadalawampu't apat ang senador, tatlo na ang artista, dalawa pa ang asawa ng artista, so lima na ang nagre-represent sa sector na ito. You look at the track record naman ng mga nagse-serve, walang nangyayari pa rin naman sa industriya."


On the other hand, some stars believe that anyone who is qualified and willing to be a public servant can run for office.

Ruffa Gutierrez says: "You know, if you have the capabilities and if you know that you can do something to serve the people, then I'm all for it. But if you're gonna run just because you're popular, then definitely don't run, because importante pa rin ang qualifications."

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