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Today, May 25, PEP was not able to put out any article from 12:01 a.m. to 7:42 p.m. As a result, the Ethel Booba story that was posted at 10:37 p.m. last night generated 361 comments. This left the users in total bewilderment—what happened to PEP? Is it closing? Where is the PEP webmaster?

Hello People of PEP! We're glad you missed us, and trustthat we feel the same way for you.

No, we have not closed shop. No, you don't have to transferto another site to chat with each other. And no, we haven't been giving you thesnub because your comments have upset us.

But yes, we took a small break. Yet even as we did, weuploaded around nine stories for you, up until 10:37 last night. That meansthat even while we were having a bit of rest and recreation with ourcontributing writers, we didn't have the heart to shut down. We didn't want youmissing your daily upload of entertainment.

And yes, we've spoiled you. You are so used to getting tento fifteen stories, every day, on the average, that a small dip in number getsyou imagining the worst.

Worry not. For as long as you're there, we will be here.

ISSUE WITH YOUR COMMENTS. We do have a big issue with some of you, however.

We find that many of your comments have a meannessthat makes us uncomfortable.

They show a need to hit and humiliate, to slash and burn,and to generally treat like scum the celebrities you so want to read about.They show viciousness.

Where does that come from?

Is it envy of a lifestyle you secretly desire for yourself?Does it give you pleasure to bring down the famous because you're not? Does itmake you feel bigger and taller, smarter and higher?

Or maybe you need the attention? And since the harsh commentattracts more response, and you like to chat back and forth, you keep goingwith your mean side.


Or can it be that you are bullied—where you are, in reallife, in real time? And this is the forum you've chosen to get back at theworld that doesn't treat you right?

Then we wonder: Is this the kind of community we arecomfortable with? Are these the kind of people we want to attract? The kind ofthinking we want all over the Net?

Since we go by the old belief that birds of the same featherflock together, you must imagine that our answer is: No!

But get it right, please. If we have to argue, let us argueabout the same things at least.

Get it right: We don't mind negative comments. We don't mindyou disagreeing with us even all the time. We won't take it against you ifthere are stars you just like and some you just don't. Why, we won't even getupset if you're the kind to find fault with everything.

And get this one right, too: We like plurality. We enjoydiscussions and arguments and debates. We actually like chatting back. And we loveit that you're so involved with PEP!

We want to think of you all as the world out there that thisnew, exciting technology has connected us to. At all hours of the day, we bothknow we're out there—and we're communicating with each other!

But get this right forever and ever: We don't like the meanness.

It is mean when you say that a star is mukhang patay, parang baklang retokada, ormukhang Michael Jackson na ginawang albino clown. There are more examples, but you're smart, you get our meaning.


We are sorely tempted to say: How beautiful are you?If you posted your picture on this site, what would others have to say aboutyour face, your skin, or your body?

But we would rather you erase that. We don't want to reducethis to the lowest common denominator. We don't want to level all things towhere they are muddiest and dirtiest and then proceed from there.

We don't want that kind of a world. We would rather proceedwith what's nice and fun, curious and naughty, thoughtful and smart. Or evenwith someone argumentative and hard-to-please, or a perfectionist and askeptic. Any of those we can live with.

The vicious and the mean, we cannot.





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