Rico Blanco still mum on Rivermaya's reported breakup

With no official statement coming from Rico, his bandmates, or top management, Rivermaya's future remains a blur, giving rise to public speculation.

Making his first public appearance since Rivermaya's reported breakup, singer-songwriter Rico Blanco assumed a different role, which strongly suggests that he is now independent.

Last June 1, Human (a clothing line also owned by Ben Chan of Bench) officially unveiled Rico's apparel designs through a grand fashion show at the Glorietta Activity Center in Makati City.

More than the event itself, many were curious to see Rico after the recent news leak that he was leaving Rivermaya to pursue other endeavors, particularly a solo career.

After the fashion show, Rico was swarmed by the press during the autograph session, prompting the talented frontman to make a hasty backstage retreat. Rico came back after a few minutes to proceed with the signing.

TIGHT LIPPED. Faced with no choice but to meet the reporters who waited patiently, Rico remained elusive with his answers about the band's future.

"Nagpapasalamat ako sa Human sa suporta na binigay nila and natutuwa ako at successful ‘tong launching and fashion show," was Rico's answer when quizzed about the breakup.

Asked if his foray into fashion designing indicated a respite from his music career, Rico once again answered vaguely.

"I enjoy designing as I enjoy doing other things. I think if you're an artist you just don't stick to a certain kind of art form," he says, refusing to answer the question directly.

BACK-UP PLANS. Amidst all the silence and confusion, PEP gathered confirmation of Rivermaya's demise, through a reliable source.

Our source, who once served as one of the band's roadies and remained close to everyone inside the Rivermaya camp, discloses two scenarios being considered by Rico.


"He might go solo full blast," confides our source through a text message. "He'll be a solo act with a backup band to complement him...pretty much like a Kitchie Nadal setup."

Our source also reveals Rico's other option, which makes us wonder if there is, indeed, animosity between Rico and his former bandmates:

"Plan number two is to form a new band altogether."





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