Aiza Marquez and mom evicted from their rented apartment

Young actress Aiza Marquez and her mother were evicted from their apartment after failing to pay the rent.

Young actress Aiza Marquez is currently homeless.

Last June 1, Friday, Showbiz Central caught Aiza and her mother Bench Marquez packing their belongings in panic to leave the rented apartment they were occupying in Parañaque City. The footage was aired by the show yesterday, June 3.

According to landlord Francis Atayde, Aiza and her mom had consistently failed to pay the rent, prompting him to accept a new Italian tenant to take their place.

"Nagsabi din naman kasi sila na aalis na sila dito kaya hindi na sila nagbabayad, so wala akong choice kundi paalisin sila," explained Atayde.

Aiza admitted her failure to pay the rent on time.

"Nadi-delay talaga," a dejected Aiza said. "Pero days lang naman. Hindi naman sobrang tagal."

The situation grew more tense when Atayde threatened to call the police to physically move Aiza and her mother out of the property.

"Kung lilipat kami ng bahay, kailangan namin ng pera, e, saan naman namin kukunin ‘yon?" Aiza asked.

In the end, Atayde relented and agreed to let Aiza and her mother stay until June 3, the same day the footage was shown on national television.

At present, Aiza is looking for a new apartment—a painful process especially for someone like her who, despite her celebrity status, does not have a car to move in around the metropolis.

"Every day po nagta-taxi lang ako from Parañaque to Quezon City," she cried while being interviewed by John Lapus.

When asked whether she was the sole breadwinner in the family, Aiza answered that although her father was working in the United States, his income was not enough because he was just a regular employee.


The incident, according to Aiza, was causing so much strain, particularly in her relationship with her mother.

"Araw-araw po nag-aaway kami dahil pareho kaming stressed and mainit ang ulo," she disclosed.

Aiza has no regular TV show at the moment.





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